Shifting Negative Sexual Stereotypes Based on Body Image

Negative body and self image issues stem from a variety of childhood and adult experiences. The same applies for negative sexual stereotypes that are based on body image. One or both parents teasing a child or referring to a child as fat, skinny or a twig could cause the same child to grow up and feel ashamed of his body.   Why adults feel ashamed of their bodies and shun sexual contact It’s this type of parental criticism and mockery that... [Read More...]

Healthy Sexual Assistance for Disabled Men and Women

Healthy Sexual Assistance for Disabled Men and Women By Rhonda Campbell Men and women interweave their sexual experiences into their personal identity. But, it’s not only sexual experiences that help to create personal identity. Motion pictures, television shows, magazine articles and website content send messages that define the types of sexual experiences adults should have.   IntimatRider Sexual assistance and disability have reached... [Read More...]

Expressing Sexuality While Disabled

Disability can be physical, mental and emotional. However, it’s the physical aspect of being disabled that many people think of when they hear or learn that someone is partially or completely immobilized. Intellectual disability is another form of disability that can affect the whole person, not just the body. Each disability form impacts not only the disabled person’s sexual life; it impacts the sexual experiences of the disabled person’s... [Read More...]

Stop Running From Sexual Intimacy If You Have A Disability

IntimatRider By Rhonda Campbell There’s no reason to run from sexual intimacy. Sexual expression is a normal part of being human. At the heart of rewarding sexual expression are healthy relationships. It’s this point that many people miss, especially when they examine the state of their sexual intimacy.   Sexual intimacy can signal improving health and relationships You might be surprised to learn that healthy sexual intimacy has... [Read More...]

Live Free of Disability Sex Myths

Live Free of Disability Sex Myths By Rhonda Campbell   You may not think of it this way, but sexual health is a key part of your overall health. This includes your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. The American Health Sexual Association shares that sexual health is natural and about more sexual behavior. Disability Sex Myth #1 – Disabled People Don’t Want To Have Sex Sexuality and disability shares a similar conclusion,... [Read More...]

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