SCI Sex Just Got Better

SCI sex just got better with the addition of this support strap.  This Positioning Support Strap alleviates some of the pressure from your back and will bring you even closer to your partner as you enjoy the IntimateRider. Simply wrap the strap around the hips of your partner as she waits for you on all fours. Perfect for you and your partner when using the IntimateMate Adventure Set or Romance Set.  Quads now have a support handle that will increase... [Read More...]

Ladies Like the Plush RiderMate Deluxe

The IntimateRider already reinvents how you make love with your partner.  This will allow you  to get out of bed and discover new sexual experiences with your lover.  Different landscapes incite new sensations and arouse the senses.  The IntimateRider certainly plays an important role when it comes to new sensation and arousal and as with passionate lovers, the IntimateRider needs a partner to effectivley incite sensations.  The RiderMate Deluxe... [Read More...]

Good Sex Positions for Disabled Sex

by Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., M.S.Ed Whether attempting quadriplegic sex or paraplegic sex, or having sex amidst chronic pain, there are ways lovers can attempt to make good sex positions even easier. Your strategy will come down to your needs. The following are amongst the most common issues – and resolutions – for disabled sex…Spasticity: If you’re having problems straightening your legs, then lie on your back with your partner assuming... [Read More...]