Dating and Relationships for the Disabled

Many times the greatest challenge for someone with a disability is to meet new people and start dating before there is even any discussion about how one can enjoy an active sex life.  Is it possible to be sexy and attractive with a disability? Absolutely. Becoming comfortable with yourself and having a positive attitude is key.  Love your body!  You are not damaged goods and many times what is most attractive about another person is the glow from... [Read More...]

Liberator is Perfect Match for the IntimateRider

Like peanut butter and jelly or Sonny and Cher, the IntimateRider and Liberator bedroom adventure gear have come together to offer something very special and unique.  Take the gentle natural movement of the IntimateRider and match it with the silky soft and comfortable positioning cushions from Liberator and you have a night to remember. Now finding that next fun position won’t be as difficult as you may have thought.  The ‘Rider wedge... [Read More...]

Let’s Talk About Sex

I have received several calls from women whose husband have a disability.  They came across the IntimateRider site, researched the product and decided that it is something they would like to try out.  One problem…..bringing it up to their husband.  They don’t want them to feel bad or have them think they were not happy with their sex life. Just talking about sex for couples can be difficult, now you add in a disability issue and it... [Read More...]

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