Disabled Adults Enjoying More Intimate Relationships

It takes courage to be who you truly are. Achieving this requires acceptance that you’re much more than a body. After all, at some point, either due to age, an accident, illness, weight shift, a birth condition or military conflict, you’ll see that your body is going to function differently. Whether the difference is short or long term, it will impact how you feel about yourself and the larger world. It will also impact how to you relate to others, including the person you’re involved in an intimate relationship with.


See yourself through your own eyes, not someone else’s limited view

Starting to see yourself in a better light calls for introspection. As someone dealing with physical disabilities, you could focus on mind and body activities that strengthen you holistically. Meditating, exercising, eating a healthy diet, drinking fresh water and reducing stress are among these activities.


Accepting mature adults into your inner circle who also regularly engage in these and other healthy practices and using supportive sex products like the IntimateRider Adventure Set could be the path to a rewarding intimate relationship. In addition, to enjoy more emotional and sexual intimacy in your relationships, you could:

  • Talk first – The more you know about someone you’re thinking about being intimate with, the better. After all, it’s through deeper communication that people build trust. And it may take trust to enjoy sexual intimacy long term.
  • Explore your body – Enhancing your relationship with your own body allows you to be able to share with your partner what you enjoy as well as what turns you off
  • Accept your right to intimacy – As a mature adult, you have a right to express yourself physically, sexually, emotionally and in other positive ways. Be open to getting support through products like the IntimateRider and the RiderMate.
  • Ask for what you want – People from all walks of life deal with rejection. Yet, when it happens, it feels incredibly personal. But, to get what you want from a relationship, you need to ask for what you want.
  • Practice self care – Take care of yourself. This way, you will know that you truly are always loved. By practicing self care, you also might avoid falling into the temptation of thinking that you have to accept however someone else treats you.
  • Be self-confident – Turn on your self-confidence and let it shine throughout the relationship.


Resources and support for disabled adults in intimate relationships

There is a large number of people who believe deeply that we are not defined by our bodies. It’s these deep thinkers that do the inner work to move beyond physical limitations, prejudices and painful social mores. Because of these courageous souls, people who once were discriminated against are now in positions of empowerment and positive influence.


Count yourself among the courageous if you allow yourself to enjoy rewarding and healthy intimate relationships. If you’re at a stage in your life where you’re struggling to enter or maintain a healthy intimate relationship, there are resources that you can turn to.


In addition to discussion support groups, organizations for the physically disabled and researched literature, there are products like the IntimateRider Romance Set, positioning support straps and the RiderMate that can assist you and your partner during moments of intimacy. Some of these products cost less than $100. Other IntimateRider products may come with free shipping.

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