Organic Personal Lubricants and Massage Oils

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Premium personal lubricants and high-quality aphrodisiac love oils make touching, kissing, and smelling each other better than ever. IntimateRider offers a variety of organic personal lubes and massage oils to enhance your intimate relations.

Water-Based Personal Lubricants Are Safe and Easy-to-Use

These personal lubricants are scientifically formulated, water-based and made with organic ingredients to provide the best glide, naturally. Our lubricants do not contain any petrochemicals, parabens or glycerin.

All water-based personal lubricants are condom-compatible and safe with toys. Oils are great for sensual massages, bathing, kissing, moisturizing, and more. The uses and possibilities for Love Oil are limited only by your imagination!

Learn More About Our Personal Lube and Massage Oils Today

IntimateRider provides a variety of water-based personal lubricants and water-soluble massage oils that are easy-to-use and safe for sensitive skin. Great for massages, moisturizing, and sensual touching, our line of personal lubes is sure to enhance your intimate relationships.

Contact IntimateRider if you have any questions. You can also buy your organic massage oils and personal lubricants today with our online ordering system.