New and Improved IntimateRider Web Site

The new IntimateRider web site has been improved so that couples have a place to discover how to have a greater sex life even if they are living with a physical challenge.  Sexuality for the disabled is a matter that is of great interest to many people and now couples will have the opportunity to see how sexual mobility is easier than what they may have thought.

New videos, product details, useful links, testimonials and blog are all apart of the new web site.  New drop downs include pages dedicated to sexual mobility solutions specific disabilities.  Spinal cord injury, arthritis, stroke, MS, joint replacement and chronic back pain are areas that are focused on in the Learn tab on the home page.

Wheelchair users will find testimonials from paras and quads that describe their IntimateRider experience along with transferring tips.  The IntimateRider was designed by a C 6-7 quad so that wheelchair users can enjoy a variety of sexual positions and enhanced mobility for a better sexual experience with their partner.

The new web site also offers advice on how to discuss the IntimateRider and other sexual mobility issues with your partner.  The new blog gives people the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns while learning more about better sexual mobility with the IntimateRider.


2 Responses to “New and Improved IntimateRider Web Site”
  1. Rod says:

    Looking for any and all help avil am 54 and in chair (para T5/6) 38 years

    • Scott says:

      The best information about the IntimateRider comes from other paras that use it. See video testimonials from paras on the testimonial page under the learn tab on the InitmateRider home page. You will also find informative videos in the media section of the site. There are detailed questions about using the IntimateRider on the Spinal Cord Injury page locate under the learn tab on the home page.

      The IntimateRider is helping many couple to explore and experiment their lovemaking style. There are so many comments like “now we can enjoy positions we used to do” and “I feel like I have the motion back”

      The new IntimateRider web site is full fun facts and information that will help improve your personal relationship.

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