New Gloves For Wheelchair Users With Limited Hand Function

New Gloves For Wheelchair Users With Limited Hand Function


A new wheelchair glove design has been launched for active wheelchair users.  The new glove is especially designed for active wheelchair users who are quadriplegic or who have limited hand function.


This new leather wheelchair glove has several unique properties.  First, the back of the hand is open. This means that there is nothing to prevent the knuckles from bending. Second, the two grips on the palm of the glove are separated giving the glove a hinge like effect. This hinge has two benefits; it not only helps to place the grips ideally around the push rim and it also contributes to making the glove flexible. Finally, the glove is available with two types of closures so that wheelchair users can select the most convenient glove design for their type of disability. Read more about these  innovative  gloves for wheelchair users  which protect the hands and improve the grip on the wheelchair, while being both easy to put on and flex.  Worldwide delivery is included in the purchase price of the glove.


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  1. lyna says:

    i am wheekchair user. and i use wheelchair gloves to protect my hands. and i think it can be nice gift for me, to receive new fashionable wheelchair gloves.

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