IntimateRider Chairs for Enhanced Mobility

The IntimateRider® and IntimateRider High Back are sexual aids for the disabled, designed to enhance sexual mobility and make intimacy comfortable and easy. Designed by a man with a C6-C7 spinal cord injury, our IntimateRider chair products provide the comfort and range of motion you need.

Advantages of Intimate Chair Products

The IntimateRider provides physical intimacy strengthening for the disabled. Requiring only the motion of your upper torso, IntimateRider and IntimateRider High Back are comfortable and easy to use. Our sexual mobility devices are versatile, providing you a broad range of motion to enhance your sexual performance in whatever way you decide to use it.

To continue to enhance your sex life, we offer personal lubricants and oils that pair nicely with our IntimateRider chairs and positioning devices. These water-based lubricants and water-soluble massage oils are easy-to-use, safe for sensitive skin, and use organic ingredients to provide the best glide, naturally.

Available for Direct Purchase

IntimateRider chairs and accessories can be easily purchased online and are shipped in discreet packaging. View product details below, or refer to the Owners Manual,  to learn more about our IntimateRider chairs for sale.

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IntimateRider designs sexual mobility aids to accommodate a wide range of abilities and requirements. You can also combine our IntimateRider chair products with a variety of accessories to enhance your sexual experience.
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