IntimateRider® Sets for Interabled Couples

Disability does not mean the end of an active and fulfilling sex life. However, navigating sex when you, your partner, or both of you are dealing with limited mobility can often be a source of anxiety. Originally designed by a C6-7 quadriplegic, IntimateRider disability sex aid sets are built with your needs in mind. All our products feature sturdy constructions to promote a safe and secure experience. IntimateRider mobility aid sets help you leave your worries related to mobility at the door and focus on what matters: you, your partner, and reaching higher levels of pleasure than ever before.

Sexual Positioning Devices & Accessories

The core of our sexual positioning device sets for interabled couples is the IntimateRider, an innovative sexual aid chair. This chair supplies back support for safety and comfort, a durable steel frame, and non-skid legs to ensure you or your partner are safe and supported during an intimate encounter. Precision bearings provide a smooth and fluid natural motion, increasing your range of movement and creating new possibilities for you and your partner.
The IntimateRider Romance Set and IntimateRider Adventure Set combine our most popular products. Each contains an IntimateRider disability sex aid chair and a comfortable positioning device designed to add freedom, fun, and comfort to your intimate moments. Additional accessories are also available for purchase, including: All sexual positioning devices in our disability sex aid sets are also available for individual purchase.

Romance Set Mobility Aids

The Romance Set combines our IntimateRider mobility aid chair with the RiderMate™ sexual positioning device to create the best pairing since you and your partner. Designed and constructed for use on carpet, hardwood, or any other flooring, the Romance Set is intended to open doors to exciting new possibilities for interabled couples. Our products encourage experimentation, confidence, and excitement in any sexual encounter. Other features include:
  • Easy-to-fold designs for straightforward storage
  • Easy-to-clean, breathable, and soft coverings for all mobility aids
  • Designed and chosen for optimum performance in any intimate moment

Adventure Set Disability Sex Aids

The Adventure Set is an ideal solution for any interabled couple or person with disabilities looking to spice things up during intimate moments. Add stability, safety, and fun to your encounters with your partner, regardless of physical ability. The pulsating motion of the IntimateRider mobility aid chair combined with the soft, sensual RiderMate Deluxe sexual positioning device can help increase intimacy and take your satisfaction to the next level by adding endless opportunities for creativity in the bedroom. Features include:
  • Seat and cushioning designed with comfort and stability in mind
  • Quickly collapsed and transported for trips or travel
  • Removable covers for straightforward washing

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Navigating sex and intimacy as an interabled couple or couple with disabilities can be challenging. IntimateRider is here to help. In addition to our disability sex aids and mobility aid sets, we provide resources created for individuals with specific disabilities and discuss relevant topics on our blog. Whether you need sexual positioning devices to discover new possibilities in the bedroom or are looking for advice, IntimateRider has you covered.
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