When you or your partner experience a change in mobility—such as caused by amputation, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, or other conditions—you may feel that your sex life is over. However, nothing is further from the truth. Sexual intimacy is still achievable using disability sex aids, such as the IntimateRider chair. Designed by a C6-7 quadriplegic, the IntimateRider chair and complete line of disability sex aids are built to improve sexual intimacy for disabled and interabled couples across the globe.

Living Spinal is IntimateRider’s Exclusive Distributor

IntimateRider is excited to announce our partnership with Living Spinal. As our exclusive distributor, Living Spinal shares the IntimateRider mission of supporting disabled individuals and couples through life-changing accessibility aids, resources, and more. Join us as we work together to build a more accessible world, one mobility aid at a time.

Contact us for more information about our products and partnership with Living Spinal. Visit the Living Spinal store to make your purchase.

IntimateRider Disability Sex Aids Provide Sexual Mobility

All IntimateRider disability sex aids are available for individual purchase or as a part of a set, such as the Romance Set or Adventure Set. You and your partner know your needs best, and no two couples are alike. Shop our options at Living Spinal to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

IntimateRider Sexual Intimacy Chair

The IntimateRider sexual intimacy chair is unlike any other disability sex aid on the market. Stable, comfortable, and easy to use, the IntimateRider provides a low center of gravity and encourages a natural thrusting motion without motors or electricity. Features include:
  • Sturdy frame with non-skid feet for safe and enjoyable encounters on carpet or hard floors
  • Precision bearings to encourage natural swinging with little effort
  • Specifically designed to make transferring to and from wheelchairs safe and quick
  • Easy foldability for discreet storage or travel
  • High Back IntimateRider option for additional support

RiderMate Positioning Devices

The RiderMate and the RiderMate Deluxe are disability sex aids designed to position the receiving partner. Both sit level with IntimateRider chairs to provide maximum stability, comfort, and fun during use.

The RiderMate is made from soft denier nylon to offer maximum breathability. It folds easily for storage or travel, and the non-skid legs add security during sexual encounters. The fabric is machine-washable to make clean-up a breeze, and the construction is crafted to fully support your or your partner’s weight during use.

The RiderMate Deluxe offers all the advantages of the RiderMate with a few extra improvements. Designed to encourage comfort and experimentation, the RiderMate Deluxe’s wedge-shaped cushion provides ergonomic support, and the machine-washable microfiber cover gets softer after each wash.

Living Spinal & IntimateRider Help Build Sexual Intimacy Between You & Your Partner

In addition to our innovative products built to improve your sexual intimacy, Living Spinal and IntimateRider are your #1 sources for disability sex aid information. To help you and your partner explore your options, find new positions, and discover new ways to enjoy your time together, we offer: Whether you’re navigating sex after a stroke or interested in learning how to evaluate sex furniture for disabled and interabled couples, IntimateRider and Living Spinal have you covered. We’re here to empower you and your partner as you live your lives to the fullest, including in the bedroom.

Contact Us to Learn More About IntimateRider Disability Sex Aids

IntimateRider and Living Spinal are dedicated to enhancing sexual intimacy between you and your partner, regardless of physical ability. For more information about our products and services, please contact us, call 619-810-0010, or visit the Living Spinal website. We can’t wait to provide you with disability sex aids designed to improve your life.