Disability Sex Aids for Couples with Limited Mobility

Having a disability may complicate your sex life, but it doesn’t have to end it.

As a company founded by a C6-7 quadriplegic, IntimateRider® understands how important sexual intimacy is for couples with limited mobility. Our line of USA-made sex aids for couples with disabilities can improve sexual mobility and enable partners with disabilities to have an active sex life.

Improved sexual mobility also leads to better mental health, relationships with greater intimacy, and overall well-being of people with disabilities.

Are you ready for a more active, dynamic, and enjoyable sex life? Then order the IntimateRider today. Our sexual intimacy products are easy to use and fun to enjoy. Contact us or shop our website to get started!

Featured Products

IntimateRider Sex Chairs

The IntimateRider sex chair improves the physical part of intimate relations for couples who live with the effects of physical disabilities. Unlike any other sexual mobility product available, the IntimateRider sex disability aid is a swing chair designed with natural movement in mind. This chair is stable, comfortable, and will help you achieve a range of sexual positions with your partner, regardless of physical ability. To further enhance your sexual intimacy, we offer a range of sex accessories as well as personal lubricants and massage oils.

IntimateRider Romance Set

IntimateRider Romance Set, accessible sex furniture.The IntimateRider Romance set pairs our bestselling IntimateRider sex chair 
with the RiderMate™ sexual positioning device. The Romance Set adds new sexual opportunities for couples with disabilities or limited mobility when you're looking to add versatility and experimentation to your bedroom activities. Our products are built with non-skid legs to keep you safe on carpet or hard flooring, and all products are easily folded for discreet storage or travel.

IntimateRider Adventure Set

Increase your intimate potential by adding the IntimateRider Adventure Set to your rotation of disability sex aids! This set pairs the Intimate Rider sex chair with the RiderMate Deluxe positioning cushion. The pulsating motion of the chair paired with the sensually soft RiderMate Deluxe is the best pairing since you and your partner. All product covers are easily maintained and machine washable, and our sex aids feature sturdy constructions to ensure safety during intimate encounters.
Intimacy products

Resources for Sex with Disabilities

Intimate relations don’t end when one or both members of a couple have a disability or limited mobility—they just change. In addition to our line of sex aids for disabilities, we also offer resources, advice, and tips for navigating sex with various disabilities, including: To help you and your partner find the way to an active and intimate sex life with disabilities, we also provide a guide to sexual positions to explore while using our IntimateRider sex accessibility aids and sets.

IntimateRider Blog

Our knowledge doesn’t stop at guides and resources! IntimateRider is dedicated to supporting you and your partner as you explore sexual positions and investigate disability sex aids. From navigating sex and intimacy after limb amputation to building trust with your partner, we explore the topics that matter in your life. IntimateRider offers hope in challenging situations, encouraging an active sex life once again.

Improve Your Sex Life with IntimateRider Disability Sex Aids

Our sexual mobility products are comfortable, easy to use, and supportive, giving you the confidence and functionality you need. Contact us today to learn more, or shop now!