The IntimateRider chair is a sexual aid that works for people with spinal cord injury. The natural glider motion helps couples discover new positions for a better sexual experience. Listen to a real couple talk about their experience with the IntimateRider below.


Video Transcript

The IntimateRider works for men with spinal cord injury. Discover new positions and natural gliding motion for a better sexual experience. The IntimateRider promotes pleasure and is safe to use. Go to to hear what real couples are saying about their experience.

Man: We do something and she’ll say, “Oh wait, wait, let’s try a different position” or “you’re hitting the magic spot”. Like, I hear that and I’m thinking “Hey, I’m the man!”.

Men with spinal cord injury report a higher level of sexual desire and satisfaction when using the IntimateRider. To get your IntimateRider, go to today.