Sexual Mobility Aids & Accessories

You or your partner having a disability does not mean the end of sexual intimacy. Navigating an active and fulfilling sex life as part of a disabled or interabled couple can be fun, exciting, and stimulating, and IntimateRider is here to help. In addition to our versatile and easy-to-use sex chairs, sexual positioning devices, and sexual mobility aid sets, we also offer many sex chair accessories, personal lubricants, and massage oils. Use one or any combination of our products to be ready whenever and however the moment strikes. With IntimateRider, the only limitation is your imagination. Explore our stock and start your order today!

For more information about IntimateRider and building intimacy while disabled, visit our blog, read our FAQ, and explore our library of resources. We’re ready to help you meet, navigate, and overcome the challenges of pursuing great sex at any mobility level.

Sex Chair Accessories, Personal Lubricants & Massage Oils

IntimateRider Sex Chair Accessories

Just because you or your partner has a disability doesn’t mean that your options and opportunities in the bedroom should be limited. We offer a variety of sex chair and sexual intimacy accessories for individuals with disabilities. Our accessories have been designed, constructed, and chosen with you in mind, selected to help you experiment, explore, and enjoy every intimate moment with your partner. They are made from comfortable, sensual materials and are durably built to keep you safe. Our sex chair accessories include:
  • Throw blankets in many sizes
  • Positioning straps
  • Seat cushions
  • Travel bags
  • Replacement covers
  • And much, much more

Water-Based Personal Lubricants & Scented Massage Oils

Safe, luxurious, and easy to use, all the personal lubricants and scented massage oils offered by IntimateRider have been selected with your pleasure in mind. Our water-based personal lubricants are made with the best organic ingredients and contain no petrochemicals, parabens, glycerin, or other potentially harmful chemicals. Our scented massage oils are designed to enhance your intimate moments through warm, comforting scents and sensual glides.

IntimateRider Sex Mobility Aids Can Improve Your Sexual Intimacy

At IntimateRider, your satisfaction is our guarantee. The original IntimateRider sex chair was designed for safe and fun sexual encounters by a C6-7 quadriplegic. We understand the challenges and difficulties in building sexual intimacy with your partner when one or both of you have a disability, and we are dedicated to giving you the products, disability-specific discussions, and resources you need to improve your sex life.

Learn More About IntimateRider Today

Want to learn more about IntimateRider sex accessibility and mobility aids for disabled or interabled couples before placing your order? Contact us or call 619-810-0010 today! One of our knowledgeable and friendly sexual mobility experts is ready to take your call and find the best product for you and your partner.