"The IntimateRider allows my wife and I to experience intimacy in a new manner and without discomfort.” – James

Back pain can be a difficult obstacle to overcome in the bedroom. Pain and discomfort might affect stamina or make it difficult for you to position yourself.  In some cases, even natural body movements during sex can send shooting pain through your back.  When sex becomes stressful or painful, your libido decreases.  You might also try avoiding sex altogether because you’re worried about pain.

If you’re worried about enjoying sex and intimacy with back pain, or having sex after recovering from a back injury, this article is for you!

Helping You Decrease Back Pain During Sex

Chronic back pain makes many parts of life more challenging; intimacy shouldn’t have to be one of them. Finding what makes you and your partner most comfortable might take a bit of trial and error, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun along the way.

Explore different positions until you find what’s most comfortable for both of you. Positions like side-by-side or rear-entry spooning, for example, are said to put less strain on your back. The “doggy style” position also works well for both partners because it requires less bending and arching. Remember that everyone is different. The key to enjoying sex after a back injury is finding what works best for you and your partner!
Try these other techniques for minimizing back pain and improving your sexual experience: View our printable brochure for more information about sex and intimacy with back pain.

Using Sex Aids to Alleviate Back Pain and Improve Intimacy

Sex aids provide people with back injuries or back pain the stability and security needed to enjoy intimacy fully. The first step is communicating with your partner. In the case of sex after a back injury, you should also consult with your doctor about using sex aids for back pain.

It’s only through open and honest communication that you can begin improving intimacy with your partner. Next, talk to your partner about how sex aids for back pain can take your relationship to new levels. They help improve the sexual experiences of people with chronic back pain while introducing some fun into the bedroom.

The IntimateRider’s supportive back and smooth, gliding action provides a gentle approach to intimacy by decreasing the demand from your back and diminishing the fear of back pain during sex. When paired with our positioning cushions, the IntimateRider chair introduces new, exciting sex positions you were hesitant to try before. Our sex aids for back pain offer the stable support needed to reduce the stress on your back, helping you focus on your partner. We help sexually active couples discover new interpersonal and physical closeness!

Grab your partner and invite them to learn more about the IntimateRider Chair and RiderMate™ Positioning Devices. If you have questions, please contact us to receive answers from a friendly representative. All IntimateRider products are available for sale from our sole distributor, Living Spinal, and can be purchased directly from their online store.