"IntimateRider allows my wife and I to experience intimacy in a new manner and without discomfort.” – James

Back pain can be a difficult obstacle to overcome in the bedroom. The IntimateRider™ can help by providing a gentle approach to intimacy by decreasing the demand from your back and diminishing the fear of back pain during sex. The IntimateRider™ introduces some new, exciting positions that can reduce the stress on your back, and help you focus on your partner. Our products can help bring new interpersonal and physical closeness to any sexually active couple encountering back pain issues.

Ways to Decrease Back Pain During Sex

There are a variety of techniques that can help alleviate back pain and improve sexual experiences.

  • Prepare a warm bath to relax the back muscles
  • Try gentle massage using warm oils
  • Use the Rider Cushion for added back support
  • Enhance your sexual experience with the IntimateRider Accessories.
  • Most importantly, communicate with your partner and your doctor about what works for you and how the IntimateRider can take your relationship to new levels

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