Transferring from your wheelchair to an IntimateRider chair can be done safely and easily. Watch the video to see a demonstration on how to transfer from a wheelchair to the IntimateRider.

Video Transcript

Brian: "You do transfer in and out of your car, you have transferred in and off your bed, whatever you do – you’re transferring. You don’t spend all your day in your chair.

Pointers would be you know, if you need assistance, have assistance. First and foremost.

But the product itself is very well designed in the fact that you know, the more effort that you put into staying safe, you’ll be safe.

And then once you’re in the product itself, it’s very secondary as to the natural motion that you get when you’re in here. Without having any trunk control, it’s easy to get that repetitive motion that you would as to having a sexual experience. It’s very comfortable."