The IntimateRider® line of products developed to improve sexual mobility and quality of life in disabled adults. Couples worldwide use our products to help them have a healthy sex life, and now you can too!

Accepted Forms of Payment

We recognize that purchasing IntimateRider™ products is an investment, and one where you might want to seek alternative methods of paying for your purchase. That’s why we offer several U.S. funding options, including:
  • Cash or credit card
  • Private Insurance
  • Public Insurance (i.e., Medicaid, etc.)
  • Disability Insurance
  • Liability Insurance (i.e., car, home, etc.)
  • Worker’s Compensation (you will need assistance from your case manager)
  • Purchase through your VA Hospital

How to Submit Your Documentation and Disabilities Insurance Information

IntimateRider does not currently have a billing code. This doesn’t mean you cannot ask your insurance provider to assist with payment, but it requires a bit more work on your end. Submitting the right documentation from the start makes the process go easier and faster.

Please carefully read the steps below to make sure you don’t miss anything important when submitting your insurance coverage information.

Step 1: Consult with Your Doctor

Before getting started, talk to your physician and therapist about the IntimateRider to make sure the product will work for you.

Step 2: Get a Letter of Medical Necessity

Have your therapist write a letter of medical necessity/justification with your physician co-signing the letter. Make sure the letter is clear and concise. At a minimum, your letter of medical necessity must include the following information:  
  • Brief patient medical history, diagnosis and DOB
  • Mobility function: transfers, ADL’s, ROM, etc.
  • Describe in detail what IntimateRider sexual mobility products are and why you think they will enhance functional limitations, independence and wellbeing. Visit our product category pages for more information about the features and capabilities.
  • Therapist and doctor signatures

Step 3: Collect Supplemental Information

Attach any photos, videos and informational brochures regarding the IntimateRider with your letter of medical necessity. Our resource pages have links to videos, customer testimonials, and several disability-specific fact sheets you can include with your coverage request. You can also read through our FAQs to learn more about the products and shipping options.

Step 4: Submission and Approval

Submit all the information above for prior authorization from your insurance provider or another funding source.
If your prior authorization is denied, you have the right to appeal. Contact your insurance provider for specifics on why it was denied and to request information about the appeals process and timeframe. Make sure you do this right away, so you don’t miss the appeal deadline.

Step 5: Order Your IntimateRider Products

When your funding option is approved, call customer service at 619.810.0010 to submit your order and provide your funding information. We’ll cover any additional questions you have and get your sexual mobility products shipped out quickly.