Amputation causes many emotions to surface, including anxiety, sadness, and depression. Undergoing such a major and often emotionally traumatic procedure can affect every aspect of your life. It takes time to adjust to all the changes taking place, including your feelings about having sex after amputation.

Remember that even though your body is different now, you are still the same person your partner was attracted to before the amputation surgery. Being open with your partner about your insecurities can help improve your relationship, both inside and outside the bedroom.

Talking to Your Partner About Intimacy and Using Sex Aids for Amputees

Adjusting to life post-amputation can be challenging. You want to be intimate with your partner but might feel self-conscious about your new body or worry about sex being different after amputation. These feelings can be so intense, they lead to a fear of intimacy and even sexual dysfunction.

Talking to your partner about these feelings is important.  They need to understand that sex is often different for amputees initially; it will take time to learn how your new body works and find ways to be comfortable during sex. If one of your concerns is keeping your stability during sex, you should discuss the idea of using sex aids for amputees.

Many people have initial reservations about using sexual mobility aids but soon discover how much they improve a couple’s sexual experience. An important first step is having an open conversation with your partner. Talk about why you want to try amputee sex aids and support each other through the decision. When both of you are comfortable with trying something new, you’ll have a better and more intimate experience.

Helping You Experience Better Sex After Amputation

Sex aids for amputees help you experience more gratifying sex and discover positions that were not attainable before. When you don’t have to worry about balance or stamina, you can place all your focus on your partner and the sensations of pleasure you’re both experiencing.

The IntimateRider® chair is made of soft, washable material and is designed to fully support your hips and back while allowing natural movement. A highly stable design with a low center of gravity helps prevent balance issues during sex to provide a safer, more comfortable experience. Using positioning cushions gives your partner additional comfort and support, and sexual positioning straps pull them closer while relieving pressure on your back and limbs.

Explore our sexual positioning chairs and devices with your partner to find what works best for you. This fact sheet has a lot of great information for you and your partner about intimacy and sex for amputees.

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