Sex & Intimacy After Limb Amputation

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After losing a limb to amputation, the way you view yourself is altered. Your body doesn’t look or move the way it did, leading to decreased confidence and low self-esteem. Self-image affects every aspect of our lives, and when we’re anxious or depressed, those feelings disrupt everything: eating, sleeping, and, yes, sex.

Sex is a necessary and enjoyable part of life, but after limb amputation, sex comes riddled with emotional landmines. Your traditional, go-to moves may no longer be physically possible, creating feelings of inadequacy. Don’t worry: these feelings are normal, expected, and experienced by many amputees. Through trusting your partner, adjusting your point of view, and getting creative through new positions or adaptive equipment for amputee sex, you’ll find your way to satisfying sex after an amputation.

Building Confidence & Intimacy After Limb Amputation

Often after limb amputation, amputees give in to the impulse to self-isolate from romantic or sexual relationships out of fear of rejection. Limb amputation is traumatic, and many amputees feel as if they’re no longer a “full person” after their amputation, warping their self-image. It can become easy to believe that how we see ourselves is how everyone sees us—something that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You are desirable, attractive, and sexual. Amputation does not change that. The most important thing to approaching amputee sex is not letting your fears impede your sex life and intimate relationships. Communicate with your partner and let them help you find ways to feel alluring and wanted. Work together to find solutions for sex after limb amputation that are pleasurable for both of you.

Sex After Amputation

There’s no way around it: sex after an amputation will look and feel different. It’s natural to be nervous while having your first encounters with sex after you or your partner has an amputation. Many amputees have described their first rounds of amputee sex as feeling like losing their virginity all over again! Things will go wrong or not work as expected, but that’s fine—that’s sex for anyone. Keep your mind open, commit to getting creative, and, above all else, communicate clearly with your partner about your wants and abilities.

Sex Positions for Amputees

Having sex after limb amputation allows you to be creative in the bedroom as previously enjoyed sexual positions may no longer be workable after a limb amputation. Many couples find that they have more intimacy after amputation due to more communication in the bedroom as they navigate amputee sex.

Depending on your specific amputation, positions will vary. Explore options with your partner. Enjoy the adventure of learning the best ways for you to have sex after amputation.

Adaptive Equipment for Amputees

You may find that balance is more difficult to maintain after limb amputation. One solution is integrating adaptive sex equipment and sex aids into your sex life. Sex aids and sex equipment are specifically designed to make amputee sex more comfortable, easier, and more enjoyable for all parties involved.

For instance, with our IntimateRider products, amputees don’t have to worry about balance or stamina. The adaptive aid takes on the bulk of the work so you can focus on your partner. Made of soft, washable material, the IntimateRider chair fully supports your back and hips as it encourages natural movement. We also provide positioning cushions, straps, and other accessories to make sex after amputation attainable and enjoyable. Our Romance Set or Adventure Set encourages finding new positions, building intimacy, and having a great time with your partner as you explore having sex after an amputation.

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