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Incorporating sex swings or other sex accessibility and mobility aids can help. However, not all swings for couples with disabilities are created equal, and which is best for you and your partner can vary.
With these positions to try and by following these sex tips, you can have fun and satisfy your partner without worrying about worsening your or your partner’s pain.
By keeping communications open, conducting a little experimentation, and being willing to stay in the moment, any interabled couple can pursue a gratifying and enjoyable sex life. Try out these tips with your partner today!
Navigating paraplegic sex can be daunting, but by communicating clearly, exploring new options & using sex aids, you can lead a fulfilling sex life. Learn more!
Sex with any physical ability requires communication, but this is especially true when considering sex and disability.
After losing a limb to amputation, the way you view yourself is altered. Self-image affects every aspect of our lives, and when we’re anxious or depressed, those feelings disrupt everything: eating, sleeping, and, yes, sex.
At IntimateRider, we provide information and advice for sex with specific disabilities and accessible assistive equipment or accessories to help you lead a fulfilling sex life.
The IntimateRider cushioned sex swing chair offers its own set of unique benefits for couples where one or more people may require SCI rehabilitation.
Sex should be exciting, safe and varied. It’s a big reason why IntimateRider develops sex aids that make it possible for military veterans and other couples with a spinal cord injury to explore a myriad of sexual positioning options. The...
Paraplegic sex and wheelchair dating are more common than you might think. In fact, while it’s true that the age of people experiencing a spinal cord injury each year has risen from 29 years to 43 years, the numbers of...
Jealousy, low self-esteem, insecurity and poor financial decisions are primary culprits that lead to the end of many relationships, including engagements and marriages. Poor communication and lack of intimacy are other relationship destroyers. Paraplegics, quads and people with a new...
IntimateRider understands what people without a spinal cord injury don’t. Difficulty standing or complete inability to walk are just two common challenges that people dependent on wheelchair accessories face.