Intimate Rider

Navigating paraplegic sex can be daunting, but by communicating clearly, exploring new options & using sex aids, you can lead a fulfilling sex life. Learn more!
After losing a limb to amputation, the way you view yourself is altered. Self-image affects every aspect of our lives, and when we’re anxious or depressed, those feelings disrupt everything: eating, sleeping, and, yes, sex.
Sex with any physical ability requires communication, but this is especially true when considering sex and disability.
At IntimateRider, we provide information and advice for sex with specific disabilities and accessible assistive equipment or accessories to help you lead a fulfilling sex life.
The IntimateRider cushioned sex swing chair offers its own set of unique benefits for couples where one or more people may require SCI rehabilitation.
IntimateRider understands what people without a spinal cord injury don’t. Difficulty standing or complete inability to walk are just two common challenges that people dependent on wheelchair accessories face.
Unlike other sex aid products, IntimateRider sexual positioning products are not intrusive, the very thing that has made some sexual enhancers less satisfactory.
There is a sex aid for you that will make sex with your partner more enjoyable. The IntimateRider along with a combination of other sex aids will open the doors of intimacy for the disabled.
Paraplegic sex is a reality for many men and women with today’s advances in adaptive technology and in how society now understands the healthy emotional benefits of paraplegic sex.
The RiderMate Wedge Cushion will work well for you if you are living with a disability.
My Baby is 20 Years Old! A Short Story About the Birth of EasyStand BY ALAN THOLKES Name: Alan Tholkes Diagnosis: C6 C7 Incomplete Quadriplegia Date of Onset: April 1976 founder of Altimate Medical, Inc.