Good Sex Positions for Disabled Sex

Time to Read: 4m 30s

Outside of the obvious, sex comes with plenty of benefits: it is excellent exercise, it helps overcome stress, and it fosters a greater amount of intimacy within couples. But, when considering couples with disabilities, finding sexual positions that don’t cause discomfort or pain can prove challenging. However, a challenge doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Finding solutions to sexual road bumps presented by disabilities allows for creativity and heightened sexual experiences.

With a bit of patience and experimentation, you can find the best sex positions to reach satisfying and pleasurable outcomes during sex. At IntimateRider, we provide information and advice for sex with specific disabilities and accessible assistive equipment or accessories to help you lead a fulfilling sex life. Remember: there is no right or wrong way to have sex. Never be afraid to try something new, use adaptive equipment, or explore accessible ways to have disabled sex.

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Today, we’re recommending three disabled sex positions to try out with your partner.

Three Sex Positions for People with Disabilities

Modified Missionary

A new take on a classic position, the modified missionary sex position allows the seated partner to use their hands to explore the standing partner.

  • How It Works: The partner with limited mobility lies on a bed with their rear near the edge. The other partner stands and lifts their partner’s legs so the ankles rest on their shoulders or a chair behind the standing partner.
  • Who It Helps: Couples where one partner has limited mobility, individuals with ostomy bags, and others.

The Upside-Down Turtle

A favorite of many disability advocates, the upside-down turtle is a great, easy position for various disabilities. It represents a great starting point for partners exploring disabled sex.

  • How It Works: One partner lays flat on their back while the other straddles their hips and sits. While the sitting partner takes on the bulk of the work, the prone partner can use their hands to touch, grab, or hold.
  • Who It Helps: Couples where only one partner has a disability, people with spasticity issues or limited mobility, individuals who use wheelchairs, those with chronic pain, and others.

Sideways Sixty-Nine

Oral sex often becomes uncomfortable and unsustainable for those with disabilities. This modified sex position presents a solution.

  • How It Works: Both partners lay on their sides facing one another with their heads at opposite ends. One or both partners stimulate the other with hands, mouths, or toys.
  • Who It Helps: Couples where one or both individuals are disabled, people with weak or spastic hips, people with arthritis or fragile joints, people with chronic pain, individuals with mobility issues, and others.

Communication & Disabled Sex

When it comes to any sex, but especially disabled sex, nothing is more important than clear communication. Whether that means speaking up about concerns, anxieties, or pain from a new position or being honest when something isn’t working for you, the best way to find a great sex position is to talk to one another. Work as a team to find the fun and laugh when things go awry—as it so often does in the bedroom! Keep communications open, mature, and straightforward to ensure a safe and fun sexual experience.

At IntimateRider, we want to help you on your journey to accessible disabled sex. Along with our blog and newsletter, we provide a variety of adaptive equipment like chairs, sets (like the IntimateRider Romance Set or the IntimateRider Adventure Set), or other aids to get you started on the road to more satisfying disabled sex.