People with rheumatoid arthritis can face a variety of struggles, from picking up a coffee mug to bending over to tie their shoes. Even sex can present challenges, causing people to feel self-conscious or inadequate in the bedroom. The pain, stiffness, and fatigue that comes along with arthritis can be detrimental to libido. But there are a variety of ways to reduce body tension and increase sexual satisfaction.

Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain During Sex

They say good communication is an essential part of any relationship. When talking about sex and your arthritic pain, you need to be open and honest about what works best for you. This can include adapting sex positions for your arthritic pain or planning your encounters around when you generally feel your best. Just because sex with arthritis involves a bit more planning doesn’t mean it has to feel regimented or lack intimacy.

First things first, speak to your doctor about things you can do medically to improve having sex with arthritis. They will know what to recommend based on the severity of your condition. Here are a few other ways you can improve sex and intimacy while dealing with arthritic pain:
  • Do a bit of gentle, doctor-approved stretching to keep your body limber and joints moving
  • Connect with your partner through kissing, cuddling, and massaging
  • Invite your partner to join you for a warm bath or shower to loosen joints and heighten arousal
  • Set the mood with scented candles and soft music, then ask for a gentle massage to help relax your body
  • Experiment with new sex positions until you find what works best for your arthritic pain
  • Keep it fun! Scented massage oils, couples’ games, and bedroom toys can add a bit of spice to sex and help take your mind off pain momentarily
View and print our Arthritis & Intimacy guide for more tips!

Fun & Functional Sex Aids for People Living with Arthritic Pain

IntimateRider® will help provide ways for sex to be enjoyable again, even with arthritis. The IntimateRider’s natural motion relieves stress on your joints and will inspire you to try new positions during sex that were physically not as easy before. A supportive back and optional cushion cradle your body to minimize strain. Ultra-soft positioning cushions provide a soft surface for partners to lay on and support achy joints while providing stability. You can also use our positioning straps to hold and position your or your partner’s body.

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