A loving couple sitting on the IntimateRider glider chair.
“The IntimateRider has opened doors to new physical ability for me and allows me to do the movement.  It has been fun trying new things.” Brian, T4 para

For individuals living with a spinal cord injury, discussing concerns about sexual mobility can sometimes be a difficult topic. Sexual intimacy is an important part of our relationships and contributes to overall health, so you might have concerns or anxiety about having sex after a spinal cord injury. These feelings are completely normal, and it is important that you openly discuss them with your partner, physical therapist and/or physician.

Since the severity of spinal cord injuries varies, the level of mobility is different based on the individual. Typically, areas below the damage are affected while areas above the damaged area continue to function, but the impact on motor skills, reflexes, sensation and sexual mobility depend on the specific injury and individual.

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Enhance Sexual Mobility After A Spinal Cord Injury

The IntimateRider® was designed by a C6-C7 quadriplegic with limited arm movement and no trunk or leg muscle control to provide great sex after spinal cord injury. It is comfortable, easy to use and provides natural sexual motion with the use of smooth gliding bearings – not motors.

All it takes is a gentle back-and-forth sway of your upper torso to set the chair in motion. Our sexual mobility chair is designed for easy transfer to and from your wheelchair either with or without assistance and has a sturdy design to help you feel stable and secure once you are in the seat.

We want everyone to have a good experience with the IntimateRider sexual aid. If it doesn’t work for you and your partner, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. Read our questions & answers below to learn more about using the IntimateRider for improved sexual health after spinal cord injury or contact us with your questions. You can also view our printable resource about intimacy with a spinal cord injury.

How does the IntimateRider work?

Sex after spinal cord injury is easily attainable with the IntimateRider.

The magic is the combination of seat height, seat depth and the geometry of the gliding action. Sex after spinal cord injury will be better than you ever dreamed possible. If you can brace your arm against your leg, your partner’s body or something next to you, the IntimateRider sexual aid will move with very little pushing effort causing your pelvis to move for easy thrusting during sex after spinal cord injury.

To use the chair, situate yourself so that your body is stable and position your legs, so they bend at the knees. Your partner’s body will help keep your legs stable as you use the IntimateRider.

Is it easy to transfer onto the IntimateRider?

If you can transfer in and out of a car or on and off a standard height toilet seat you should be able to transfer on and off the IntimateRider. It helps to position the unit close to the bed or something you can use for support if you need to. The seat is short, so you will want to take it slow. We have many quadriplegics who can transfer by themselves who use it with ease and have discovered a life of great sex after spinal cord injury.


Is the IntimateRider sex chair stable?

The IntimateRider is very stable once you are in the unit and was designed to be difficult to tip over. Because the seat is not as deep as a wheelchair seat, you must be careful during the transfer to avoid injury. Know your body and its limitations and have your partner help position you in the chair if needed.

I am concerned about pressure sores. What would you suggest?

Everything in moderation. We would not advise spending hours on the IntimateRider. You should not use the IntimateRider if you have a pressure sore as this may irritate it more. If your bottom is healthy and you are using the IntimateRider Seat Cushion for extra protection and support, you should have no problem. We advise using it for only a few minutes the first few times and then inspect to see if you are experiencing any redness or discomfort and discontinue use is there is a problem. Sex after spinal cord injury should not be painful!

Will I get abrasions if I use this?

With normal use you should not get abrasions because the back support helps prevent your bottom from sliding during sex. A slight movement of the torso helps create motion and the bearings and gliding action do the rest of the work. You would have to be extremely aggressive while using the chair to experience any abrasions.

I am a quadriplegic. Will I be able to use the IntimateRider as a disability sexual aid?

It depends on your level of injury and your ability to transfer. Some arm movement is necessary to stabilize yourself and to get the sex chair into motion.

Are You Ready to Try the IntimateRider?

The IntimateRider is designed to help people have sex after spinal cord injury, or with other mobility limitations. When paired with the RiderMate or RiderMate Deluxe, it provides an enhanced sexual experience for both you and your partner. Order yours today or contact us for additional information.