A loving couple sitting on the IntimateRider glider chair.
“The IntimateRider has opened doors to new physical ability for me and allows me to do the movement.  It has been fun trying new things.” Brian, T4 para

For individuals navigating intimacy and sex with a spinal cord injury, discussing concerns about sexual mobility can sometimes be difficult. Since the severity of spinal cord injuries varies, the level of mobility is different based on the individual. Typically, areas below the damage are affected while areas above the damage continue to function. The overall impact on motor skills, reflexes, sensation, and sexual mobility depends on the specific injury and individual.

Sexual intimacy is an important part of our relationships and contributes to overall health, so you might have concerns or anxiety about having sex after a spinal cord injury. These feelings are completely normal. The first step in building intimacy after a spinal injury is communicating often and openly with your partner, physical therapist, and physician. Together, you can all find a way to navigate quadriplegic sex. Solutions can include trying out new sex positions for paralyzed sex, specific exercises to build strength, or sexual mobility aids for quadriplegic sex.

For more information, print, read, and reference our fact sheet for sex after a spinal cord injury.

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IntimateRider® Sexual Mobility Aids for Quadriplegic Sex

At IntimateRider, we understand the difficulties and challenges of exploring sex after a spinal cord injury. Our original sex accessibility furniture was designed to facilitate great sex by a C6-C7 quadriplegic with limited arm movement and no trunk or leg muscle control. Our offerings are comfortable, easy to use, and provide natural sexual motion without motors, electricity, or other power supplies.

IntimateRider Sex Furniture for Paralyzed Sex

The IntimateRider sexual mobility chair makes sex after a spinal cord injury easily attainable. It is designed for easy transfer to and from your wheelchair with or without assistance, and it features a sturdy construction to help you feel stable and secure once you’re in the seat.
The magic is the combination of seat height, seat depth, and geometry of the gliding action. If you can brace your arm against your leg, your partner’s body, or something next to you, our sex furniture for quadriplegic sex will move with minimal pushing effort. This sexual mobility aid for paralyzed sex easily moves your pelvis for thrusting. Other features include:
  • Durable construction for maximum safety
  • Designed to cause no abrasions and minimize sores during normal use
  • Simple to fold for easy storage or travel
  • Easy-to-clean materials

IntimateRider Sets: Accessibility Aids for Intimacy After a Spinal Cord Injury

To provide further opportunities for intimacy after a spinal cord injury, IntimateRider also provides bundled sets of our most popular sex accessibility aids for paralyzed sex.
  • Romance Set: Containing the original IntimateRider sex chair and the RiderMate™ sexual positioning device, the Romance Set is a great option for couples looking to build intimacy after a spinal cord injury.
  • Adventure Set: The Adventure Set offers the IntimateRider sex chair paired with our RiderMate Deluxe sexual positioning device. Add variety and spice while exploring new sex positions for intimacy after a spinal cord injury.
All items in our sets are also available for individual purchase. Explore our options and start your order today!

Sex Positions for Quadriplegic Sex

Finding the best ways to have sex after a spinal injury requires being open to new ideas, getting creative, and being ready to adapt. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and it is essential to communicate often and honestly with your partner while you tackle this new adventure together. One way to bring experimentation into play is by pursuing new sex positions for paralyzed sex. Some options might include:
  • Using a body pillow, RiderMate device, or other sex accessibility accessory during foreplay
  • Positioning the partner with a spinal cord injury to be on the bottom during intercourse
  • Performing oral sex on your partner
  • Integrating sex toys to build intimacy during paralyzed sex.

Check out the IntimateRider blog for more information and up-to-date resources on sex positions for paralyzed sex, as well as further discussion of sex after a spinal injury.

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All IntimateRider products are available for purchase from our partner and exclusive distributor, Living Spinal, and can be ordered from their online store. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, simply return your items within 30 days to receive a full refund. Have further questions about how IntimateRider accessibility aids for paralyzed sex can build intimacy between you and your partner? Contact us today.