The Best Positions for Sex with Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain and lower back pain are two of the most common disabilities. Back pain is a complex issue to work around, particularly when navigating sex with chronic back pain. But, with these positions to try and by following these sex tips, you can have fun and satisfy your partner without worrying about worsening your or your partner’s pain.

Sex Tips for Sex with Lower Back Pain

Sex with chronic back pain requires care, intention, and an openness to try new things as you and your partner explore new ways to be intimate. As with any relationship, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Use these sex tips for chronic back pain as a starting point as you discover what works for you and your partner:

3 Great Sex Positions to Try with Back Pain


Classics are classics for a reason. If you are looking for ways to have better sex with lower back pain, the missionary position may be a great choice for you and your partner. Lower back pain caused by degenerative disk disease or other disc issues is often increased when the back is arched or extended, causing issues during intimate moments.
When you are the insertive partner (top), support your upper body with your elbows to take pressure off your back. When you are the receiving partner (bottom), use a towel or other sexual positioning device to increase support. No matter your position, make sure to keep your spine in a slightly arched position. This posture will prevent your back from flattening or flexing further.

Bottom from the Top

Also known as the cowboy position, bottoming from the top is a natural choice when the penetrating partner has back pain. Simply lay down on the bed or use a sturdy chair and allow the receiving partner to straddle you. This arrangement helps stabilize your back while finding pleasure for yourself and your partner.


Quadruped, or doggy style, is another classic position that requires minimal spinal flexing. If your chronic back pain is exacerbated by sitting for a long time or bending forward, this may be a great sex position for managing lower back pain. Get creative, using hands or elbows to support your weight, and don’t be afraid to experiment.
This position is also easily achieved with assistance from sexual mobility devices. The top partner can use a sex chair or similar aid to better support their back and limit movement. Positioning straps can also be helpful to keep both partners safe, pain-free, and in the best position to have fun during intimate moments.

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