How to Build Trust: Disability & Sex

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Learning to navigate sex as a wheelchair user, paraplegic, or person with a disability can be jarring, whether your disability is new or was pre-existing. It might take some time and a good bit of intention, but you can soon learn how to build trust with yourself, your partner, and any sex aids you choose to incorporate into your sexual relationship as a wheelchair user or person with a spinal cord injury.

How to Build Trust in Yourself

When you are having sex as a person with a disability, the most complicated person to trust might be yourself. The high amount of involvement from doctors and other health professionals can sometimes make people with disabilities view their bodies as something strictly medical and not something sexual or desirable.

Build trust in yourself by getting to know your own body again. Pinpoint what you want, what you don’t, what feels good, and what feels safe. In many ways, disability represents an opportunity to get to know your body better than you otherwise might have. As you learn your body’s responses, such as when to stop or keep going, you will build trust in yourself and take more ownership over your sexuality.

How to Build Trust in Your Partner

Sex with any physical ability requires communication, but this is especially true when considering sex and disability. Talk often and openly with your partner as you proceed in exploring your sexual relationship together. A few ways to approach building trust with your partner might include:

  • Acknowledging changes in sex because of disability
  • Building up to sex through other intimacy-building activities
  • Staying honest and open
  • Trying out new sex positions

If you find you are struggling in building trust between yourself and your partner, you may decide to pursue psychological therapy, occupational therapy, or sex therapy. These experts can help you plan for and address any emotional, physical, or sexual road bumps you may encounter in your relationship as or with someone with a spinal cord injury or limited mobility.

How to Build Trust in Sex Aids & Sex Equipment

As you build trust in yourself and your partner, you may find that the physical way you have sex has changed. Incorporating sex aids and sex equipment can be a great option as you explore sex and disability, but you need to make sure that you can trust your chosen sex aids and sex equipment. The last thing you need is for your sex aid to break at a crucial moment and cause injury or make things more difficult instead of more accessible.

Companies like IntimateRider can help. We provide transparency, advice, and sex aids for individuals and couples looking to navigate sex with disabilities. Research all sex aids thoroughly to make sure they will be safe and accessible for you and your partner.

Disability & Sex with IntimateRider

A C6-7 quadriplegic designed our IntimateRider chair and subsequent sex equipment, and so you can trust that our products always put people with disabilities first. To prove you can trust us and our sex aids as you navigate sex with a spinal cord injury or other disability, we offer a 30-day trial on all our sex aids, including the Romance Set, Adventure Set, and other products.

To learn more about IntimateRider’s products and services, visit our FAQ, request a quote, or contact us today. We are here to support you and are very excited to help you build trust while having sex with a disability.

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