Navigating Interabled Relationships

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An interabled relationship is when one partner in a couple has a different ability level from the other. These differences may include physical impairment, chronic illness, limited mobility, or other disabilities. Interabled couples, compared to relationships where both or neither partner is disabled, face their own unique set of challenges, roadblocks, and adversities.

Tips for Dating & Intimacy in Interabled Relationships

There is no one-size-fits-all description for successful interabled relationships. Each couple varies by individual comfort levels, disabilities, and physical mobility. Still, by keeping communications open, conducting a little experimentation, and being willing to stay in the moment, any interabled couple can pursue a gratifying and enjoyable sex life. Try out these tips with your partner today!

Build Trust Through Open Communication

Trust is essential in any relationship, but especially in interabled relationships. Building trust for couples with disabilities can help remove anxiety, nerves, and other unpleasant emotions, allowing you to focus on what matters: you, your partner, and your shared intimacy. Take the time to:
  • Create a safe space for partners with or without disabilities to ask questions without judgement
  • Articulate and respect set boundaries
  • Build to sex with intimacy-building activities
  • Let your partner know when you particularly like or dislike specific intimate actions.

Stay in the Moment

It can be easy to compare your current interabled relationship with relationships from your past, on social media, or seen throughout your day-to-day life. You might think these other couples better understand each other than you and your partner, are having more fun, and seem “perfect.” These perceptions can interrupt creating intimacy with your partner. Remember that appearance doesn’t equal reality. Every relationship comes with challenges, regardless of disability. Stay in the moment with your interabled relationship by:
  • Focusing on your current partner’s happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction
  • Paying attention to what you can do, not what you can’t do
  • Giving your partner gratitude and acknowledgment throughout intimate encounters and dates
  • Planning outings and adventures with your partner.

Experiment with New Sex Positions to Accommodate Disabilities

A little experimentation in the bedroom can go a very long way when it comes to sexual encounters involving disabilities, particularly for interabled couples. Familiar positions or capabilities may be off the table, opening the door for exploration and discovery as you and your partner find what works for you. Not only can modified sex positions for interabled couples provide closer intimacy, but they can add fun and excitement to heated moments.
Stay positive, keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to laugh. You may have some misadventures or missteps as you try out new positions, but they will only serve to bring you and your partner closer together.

Sex Accessibility Aids for Interabled Relationships

Another means to add variety to your interabled relationship is by incorporating sex accessibility aids into your intimate moments. IntimateRider® products are the ideal solution for interabled couples working with mobility restrictions. A C6-C7 quadriplegic designed our original product, so we understand the unique challenges that interabled couples face. Our products feature:
  • Safe and sturdy construction
  • Intuitive designs that use your motion to create natural thrusting
  • No motors, electrical inputs, or other power sources are necessary
  • Easy-to-clean materials
  • And more!
Contact us today to learn more about the IntimateRider sex accessibility chair, RiderMate™ positioning devices, or other sex mobility aids and accessories. We are your top source for resources and knowledge exploring intimacy with a disability, and we are ready to support you and your partner in your interabled relationship.