The IntimateRider Supports Amputee Sex

Amputation affects life in many different aspects but one a facet of life sometimes over looked is amputee sex.  Amputee sex can be very enjoyable if you are aware of a few key points and if you look at products like the IntimateRider to help in the area of amputee sex.

Body Image 

Amputee sex can be limited if we think too much about body image. We have been concerned with our body image most of our lives and amputees not only need to deal with how their body feels and works but also how it looks.  The key is to not focus on what is missing and avoid negative body image thoughts.  The fact is that most amputees are well-adjusted and happy and enjoy good amputee sex.  Know that you are the same person inside as you were before your amputation.  Amputee sex can be as great as your sex life was before your amputation.


Relationships come in many forms and almost always improve your quality of life and play an important role with amputee sex.  Some amputees avoid relationships because of fear of rejection but this fear is seldom true.  Good relationships can lead to good amputee sex and good amputee sex can help you feel whole again.  Stay involved with people and think about joining a support group where you can share feelings about amputee sex.


Amputee sex can be as rewarding and fulfilling as your sex life was before your amputation.  Amputee sex begins with you.  Explore and enjoy finding ways to have amputee sex by focusing on sensations of pleasure you are feeling at the moment.  Some amputees say that losing a limb limits amputee sex but this can have more to do with communication and negative body image.  Amputee sex can be great if you give yourself permission to try new ways to be sexual.


Amputee sex can be great if you focus on learning new ways to do things you enjoyed before.  After amputation, you may still enjoy amputee sex by finding new positions that are more comfortable with the use of the IntiamteRider.  Amputee sex with the IntimateRider will give the male partner added balance and control for more enjoyable amputee sex.  The IntimateRider will make amputee sex great again by allowing you the possibility to perform sexually as you may have before your amputation.  The IntimateRider web site has a page dedicated to amputee sex. 

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Many amputees are enjoying great amputee sex again and great amputee sex with the IntimateRider will help improve your relationships and self-image.