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IntimateRider High Back

Product Number: 7110

Sexual Aids Designed to Enhance Sexual Mobility

“The IntimateRider has improved the physical part of our intimate relationship by leaps and bounds my wife and I both look forward to intimacy much more than before“- Charles, T10-11 Para

Designed by a man living with a C6-C7 spinal cord injury, the IntimateRider is unlike any other sexual positioning device found on the market.  The IntimateRider is a small swing chair specially designed to offer a natural gliding motion that will improve sexual mobility. No motors or springs, just the movement of your upper torso provides enough momentum needed to help enhance your sexual performance.

The patented technology allows you to achieve a broader range of motion with minimal effort, allowing you and your partner to unleash your intimacy in a way that was not possible before - the way you deserve! The IntimateRider disability sexual aid is comfortable, easy to use, stores discreetly away and there's no right or wrong way to use it. It's entirely up to you!

Price: $400.00
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This seat cushion was especially designed for your bottom on the IntimateRider. The Seat cushion will cradle your body for optimum comfort and support.
Perfect for you and your partner when using the IntimateRider Adventure Set or Romance Set in all your favorite positions.

The perfect strap for you and your partner when using the IntimateRider or any of the IntimateRider sets.
We Also Recommend
  • Manufactured from a steel frame with a seat constructed from denier nylon for breathability, comfort and durability
  • Provides back support for stability and comfort
  • Easily folds for discreet storage and travel
  • Designed with precision bearings that provide a fluid, natural motion
  • Features non-skid legs for stability on carpeting and hard flooring
  • Seat designed for optimum performance
  • Washable denier nylon seat and back

Stable and Comfortable Sexual Positioning Devices for Sex After Spinal Cord Injury

The IntimateRider High Back sexual aid features a sturdy steel frame that sits firmly on the floor, providing a low center of gravity that makes sexual positioning and transferring easy. To have sex using the IntimateRider High Back, simply sit in the seat and start with a gentle back and forth motion. The precision joint bearings allow the seat to swing naturally with little effort, making it easier for you to have sex with limited mobility. 

Any couple will enjoy the easy movements of the IntimateRider, but those living with the effects of physical limitations will benefit the most from disability sexual aids. The revolutionary design of the IntimateRider has been helping couples overcome physical challenges & disabilities for years!

Place your order today or contact us to learn more about how the IntimateRider can help improve your sexual mobility.

For those wishing to purchase a complete sexual mobility package, we also offer the Romance Set and Adventure Set, as well as a range of accessories to use with our sexual positioning devices including sex positioning cushions, positioning support straps, and travel bags.

Features and Benefits of the IntimateRider Disability Sexual Aid

The IntimateRider High Back features a stable design that allows you to easily transfer to and from your wheelchair to the sex chair without a fear of falling or tipping over. Our sexual positioning device fully supports your body weight and can be used with our different accessories to customize your sexual experience.

  • Overall chair height 33”
  • Back height: 19”
  • Height from floor to seat: 16.5”
  • Seat width: 20”
  • Seat depth: 9”

Order the IntimateRider High Back to Help Improve Your Sexual Mobility

We understand that everyone has different abilities and requirements, which is why we offer a 30-day return policy for the IntimateRider sex chair.

Order your IntimateRider High Back today or contact us to learn more. If you feel the IntimateRider is not the right disability sexual aid for your requirements or you are not satisfied you may return it, no questions asked.


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