The Secret to Great Sex after Spinal Cord Injury

In the aftermath of a spinal cord injury there are many questions. Will I ever walk again? Will I ever feel anything again? Will I be able to enjoy all the things I once did? And oh yeah, Will I be able to have sex again? That last question is sometimes a bit uncomfortable for the doctors and nurses to answer but it’s a valid question non-the-less. Some facts on Spinal Cord Injury: 250,000 Americans are spinal cord injured. 82% are Male 56% of... [Read More...]

My Baby is 20 Years Old!

My Baby is 20 Years Old! A Short Story About the Birth of EasyStand BY ALAN THOLKES Name: Alan Tholkes Diagnosis: C6 C7 Incomplete Quadriplegia Date of Onset: April 1976 founder of Altimate Medical, Inc.   Let’s back up a minute and reflect on what led up to the design of the EasyStand… I am now going into one of those dreamlike states like what you see on TV…. going back in time… things are getting wavy… the year... [Read More...]