Disabilty Sexuality

Today’s society has the preconception that people with disabilities cannot have intimate relationships. Fact is, disabled sex can be both a healthy and rewarding experiencefor those living with a disability.  Read More →

IntimateRider Facebook “Fan of the Month” contest!

Win this T-Shirt! Want to be our IntimateRider Facebook Fan of the Month & enjoy free prizes? It’s easy; just “like” the IntimateRider Facebook Page and contribute to the conversation through posts, comments and likes. You receive points daily for your quality of participation and the person with the most points at the end of the month earns the “Fan of the Month” title & a prize. (this month it is an IntimateRider T-Shirt!) You... [Read More...]

First Date Tips for Disability Dating

Disability dating for the first time may have you a little worried.  Remember your date has the same feelings.  Besides the normal first date anxieties the person with the disability has additional worries.  The person with the disability wants you to see them as a whole person and look beyond their disability to see what a wonderful person they are. Here are 5 tips for you to think about before going out on your date. Plan the date together. ... [Read More...]

Wheelchair Users Do It Better

Getting the best parking spot is not the only thing that wheelchair users do best.  Wheelchair users do it better in bedroom now too with products like the IntimateRider.  Whenever we see a wheelchair user and their partner, we may wonder how these wheelchair users have sex.  For many years the sex secrets of the everyday wheelchair users were not known by many people especially other wheelchair users.  Times have changed and now many wheelchair... [Read More...]

Wheelchair Sex

 Have you ever even given wheelchair sex a second thought? I would have to believe that most people have thought very little about wheelchair sex but to a person who spends their life in a wheelchair, wheelchair sex is very important. Is wheelchair sex even possible? Of course it is. Wheelchair sex is nothing more than sex in a wheelchair. A wheelchair can provide a stable platform for many sexual positions no matter if it is the man or the woman... [Read More...]

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