IntimateRider and RiderMate Improve Pathways to Deeper Emotional Relationships

Jealousy, low self-esteem, insecurity and poor financial decisions are primary culprits that lead to the end of many relationships, including engagements and marriages. Poor communication and lack of intimacy are other relationship destroyers. Paraplegics, quads and people with a new injury can have greater relationship challenges.

Why Paraplegic Sex Doesn't Have To Be an Added Relationship Challenge

How to discuss paraplegic sex or another type of spinal cord injury sex with a non-injured partner can be uncomfortable, a moment of uncertainty. This communication hurdle can present itself at the start of a relationship. It can also raise its head for couples who have been together for years. Getting over these and  other hurdles requires openness, feelings of safety, imagination and creativity.

Imagination and creativity enhances paraplegic sex and spinal cord injury sex because it opens a world of sexual positions that sex aids like the Liberator wedge, RiderMate and IntimateRider adventure set can add to an intimate relationship. To build strong relationships, specialists also recommend that couples share their emotional needs with each other, set agreements and discuss agreement breakdowns. As Huffington Post shares, courage to openly share emotional needs and wants, like spinal cord injury sex, should be present during all relationship stages.

Put The Play Back Into Paraplegic Sex

Psychology Today advises couples to try something new. The bedroom is a great place to explore and play. Sensual gratification that this play yields can improve pathways to deeper emotional relationships. Yet, not everyone is ready to become vulnerable enough to engage in deeper sexual playfulness. Not everyone is even ready to open up to a rewarding relationship emotionally or psychologically.

It's why relationship specialists encourage women and men to do the inner work to strengthen their personal confidence, psychological, emotional  and financial beliefs and circumstances before they enter an intimate relationship. After all, each partner in a relationship brings her and his strengths and areas for improvement smack dab into the connection. When it's good, it's good - like a never ending honeymoon. When it's bad, one hour can feel like three hours and a day can feel as heavy as an entire week.

How IntimateRider Could Restore Stale Relationships

For relationships that have gone bad due to lack of sexual intimacy, help could come through the IntimateRider or RiderMate. Imagine believing that, due to a spinal cord injury, you could only have sex in one position. It wouldn't take long for your partner to start wanting more. You could feel stuck, as if you don't have a choice about how your relationship is going to advance. Yet, you don't want your relationship to stall. The help that you're seeking could come in a sex mobility product like the foldable RiderMate, a sex aid that makes it easy for partners to experiment with a variety of sexual positions.

Of all IntimateRider and RiderMate sex aids, the Liberator wedge might offer the most comfort, padded support and flexibility. It's with these products that you could wave good-bye to stale paraplegic sex. Your confidence in your ability to satisfy your partner could open you and your partner to better, deeper communication. You might start to see the beauty, potential and charm in your relationship instead of focusing on challenges, especially if you have suffered a new injury.