5 Disability Sex Tips

Sex Tips

Here are 5 disability sex tips to help ease anxiety and increase pleasure and intimacy when engaging in disability sex.  
  • Relax

    •  When you experiment with disability sex, it's useful to be in a relaxed and sexual frame of mind. This will help you laugh off anything that goes wrong, while gaining the maximum benefit from your exploration of the sexual possibilities open to you during disability sex.
  • Stay within your natural range of flexibility

    • For example, if you have trouble straightening your legs during disability sex, you can lie on your back with your partner assuming the "on top" position. Your partner can also lean back onto your bent legs for a slightly different disability sex position and a different sensation.
  • Communicate

    • It is important to communicate with your partner about disability sex. Speak up about your concerns and needs, and be honest about what is and isn't working during disability sex. Taking the time to sort out issues with your partner about disability sex will not only increase success in your sexual intimacy efforts, it may also help the two of you feel more emotionally intimate as well.
  • Play with toys

    •  Devices such as vacuum erection pumps can initiate erection for disability sex, and tight rings or bands applied to the base of penis will restrict blood drain from the penis once erection is achieved. Sex wedges, sex swings, vibrators, power tilt on a wheelchair, and easily removable armrests can all increase pleasure during disability sex. You may even want to consider these features when purchasing wheelchair equipment.
  • Support yourself

    •  Try using pillows or rolled up towels to help you get into or hold a disability sex position (for example, under one's lower back). Pillows can also help those with hip problems (when placed between the receiving partner's legs during side-by-side disability sex position, where he or she is penetrated from behind). Well-placed mirrors can also help with this disability sex strategizing (and help spice up the scene!). Furniture around the house may also prove useful in disability sex, like the use of a bed or chair as support for a sexual position involving kneeling. Sex furniture, like the Intimate Rider, or Liberator Wedge can also be used in helping a lover to assume good disability sex positions.