Dating and Relationships for the Disabled

Many times the greatest challenge for someone with a disability is to meet new people and start dating before there is even any discussion about how one can enjoy an active sex life.  Is it possible to be sexy and attractive with a disability? Absolutely. Becoming comfortable with yourself and having a positive attitude is key. 

Be Yourself

Love your body!  You are not damaged goods and many times what is most attractive about another person is the glow from his or her own personality. Everyone deserves to find that special someone regardless of disability and now there are so many new options to start dating in today's high tech world.  Clubs, volunteer opportunities and on-line dating offer possibilities for you to find your romantic partner. Relationships are still about intimacy, commitment, trust and chemistry whether you are in a wheelchair or not.  The IntimateRider will help you oversee the disability and focus on building a solid and intimate relationship.