Would You Date Someone With a Disability?

Disability dating may not be something that you have thought about, but take a minute and think about how disability dating makes you feel. Do you have fears about disability dating? Would disability dating have you worried what your family and friends would say? Does disability dating make you wonder if you can have an intimate relationship? These are a few common questions that come up when people think about disability dating. 

Being afraid comes from what you don’t know and understand. 

Disability dating is a new territory for you and something that you can learn about.  If you have met someone and would possibly like to date them, learn about their disability and this will help you ease your fears. If you are disability dating, family and friends may question your relationship.  Again, there is the element of not knowing or understanding the person and their disability.  Being disabled doesn’t define a person but it is a part of their everyday life.  Your loved ones want what is best for you.  Therefore, if you have a strong relationship with your partner, your family and friends will be more accepting.

Be Ready For Questions of All Kinds 

Disability dating can bring up many questions about intimacy.  Society typically regards people that have a disability as non-sexual beings, the opposite is true.  Just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean the desires are gone.  Relationships are still about intimacy, commitment, trust and chemistry whether you are in a disabled or not.  Keep your communication open regarding intimacy and you will find that you will both be mutually satisfied. Everyone deserves to find that special someone regardless of disability.

Someone with a disability wants you to see beyond their disability and realize what a wonderful person they are. Remember to keep your mind and heart open.

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