First Date Tips for Disability Dating

Detangling the Dating Web 

Disability dating for the first time may have you a little worried.  Remember your date has the same feelings.  Besides the normal first date anxieties the person with the disability has additional worries.  The person with the disability wants you to see them as a whole person and look beyond their disability to see what a wonderful person they are.

Here are 5 tips for you to think about before going out on your date:
  1. Plan the date together.  Since it is your first date with this person, you may not know what they can and cannot do.  This will help alleviate any awkwardness when it comes to activities during the date.
  2. Get comfortable.  If you have some questions regarding your date’s disability, ask them.  Don’t make the whole night about the disability, focus your attention on them as a person.
  3. Keep your sense of humor.  Awkward moments happen to anyone that is dating whether or not either has a disability.
  4. Shrug off stares.  People with disability are often treated differently.  Society in general either thinks that if you have a disability you don’t or can’t date or that the person dating someone with a disability is so sweet to date him or her.  Remember that at one point you probably didn’t know much about people with disabilities and getting upset puts the focus on other people when you need to pay attention to your date.
  5. Have a great time.  Every date you go on with whoever it may be, you expect to have a great time.  This is no different.  Everyone has the right to find true happiness and love with another person.