Disabled Sex

What's Taboo About Making Love?

Many people think that disabled sex is a bit of a taboo subject and that those people that have disabled sex do not have an interest in or they do not even care to deal with disabled sex. 

The fact is that disabled sex if very much of  interest for men and women with a disability and in fact disabled sex can be a very healthy and rewarding experience for folks living with a disability.  Now disabled sex with the IntimateRider will never be the same.  Disabled sex will have an extra spring in it's step because the IntimateRider will increase thrusting motion for better disabled sex for both partners.

Here are a couple myths about disabled sex:

1. Disabled sex is not sexy

  • The media has done a real good job depicting what is sexy and what should not be sexy and the message of today's media is that disabled sex is not sexy.  Behold, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many couples will tell you that disabled sex can be very exciting when each partners understands what is sexy to his or her partner with the disability.  After all, the brain is the main sex organ in the human body when it comes to disabled sex.

2. People living with a disability have more important things to worry about than disabled sex 

  • Who says disabled sex is not important?  Many non-disabled people think that disabled sex is a luxury and that it should not be too high on the priority list for the disabled.  Fact is that disabled sex is just as much of a priority for the disabled as it is for the abled-bodied.

3. Disabled sex is not "real' sex   

  • Many people have an idea of how "real" sex is supposed to work and they have a hard time understanding how disabled sex can be the "real" deal.  The idea that one living with a disability is not capable of having "real" sex is no longer the case with the advent of products like the IntimateRider.  Disabled sex with the IntimateRider is just as good if not better that what some people would consider "real" sex.  The IntimateRider makes disabled sex "real" sex.

To learn more about disabled sex visit the IntimateRider sex chair website.