Discreet Packaging for Shipping Intimate Products

Sex aid products

These aren't only used by singles who seek a deeper physical connection with their partner.
That's right. Despite their reputation, sex aid products are used by married couples, including couples who have been wed for decades.   According to AARP, 60% of married women and 40% of married men who responded to a sex and relationship survey shared that sex toys are part of their physical intimacy. Regardless of age or marital status, adults undergoing rehabilitation
adults who experience mobility through a manual, electric or sport wheelchair also incorporate a sex aid into their intimate experiences.    

Stop Attaching Shame to Paraplegic Sex

Here's the catch. Despite the large numbers of people who do use sex toys, many adults feel afraid or ashamed when they think that their neighbors, friends or relatives might know that they use a sex aid. Conscious and hidden concepts about sex still tempt many adults who hide the fact that they are a sexual being.   Depending on their upbringing or early programming, these erroneous beliefs might also cause more than a few adults engaging in healthy paraplegic sex to want to hide that they think about, let alone engage in sex. Open and honest communication is the first step toward a shameless relationship. So too is getting clear about what you want in a relationship and probing to discover what your partner wants.   This includes where you and your partner or spouse want to live, work and vacation. Discovering whether or not you want to have children and how you want to express your sexual selves are other steps that you can take to enjoy a shameless intimate relationship that involves paraplegic sex.  

Discreet Packaging Can Help Remove Sex Aid Shame

After you remove inner shame from your thoughts and your relationship, here's something else that you could do to stop feeling embarrassed about the fact that you want to buy or that you just bought a sex aid. Rather than to live celibate, when enhancing sex and disability with a sex aid, you can opt for privacy. One of the best ways to enjoy this privacy is to limit the purchase of sex and disability products from retailers who use discreet packaging when shipping intimate products.  

For example, IntimateRider ships its sexual aids for wheelchair bound adults and adults engaging in healthy paraplegic sex in discreet packaging.Discreet packaging is unmarked, meaning that there are no labels or wording on the packaging that signal to mail carriers or anyone else what is inside the box or bag.   As the receiver of the products, your name might also be concealed. IntimateRider products are also easy to fold and carry in an IntimateRider or a RiderMate travel bag.

The black bags are light and compact. The IntimateRider seat cushion, support strap and RiderMate easily fit inside the discreet travel bags. It's this discretion that makes it easy to carry sex aids on airplanes, in the back of a vehicle or through your home. This discretion could help lower or completely eliminate the shame that you might currently be feeling around enjoying paraplegic sex with a responsible partner.