Feedback From Our Great Customers

From time to time we send out a questionnaire to learn more about how the IntimateRider has changed the relationships of our customers.  See what they have said:

Have you and your partner been satisfied with the IntimateRider?

  • Yes, I like it the most as a female
  • Yes, love it
  • As a C-5 incomplete spinal injury, it has been awesome

What do you like best about the IntimateRider?

  • Being able to make love to my wife in positions that I have not for 10 years
  • I like the ease of motion
  • I have been a para for 37 years. I have been married for 2 years and until we purchased the IntimateRider our sexual intercourse mostly consisted of my wife as the dominant partner.  We enjoyed lovemaking but it was repetitive and a good amount of work for her.  The IntimateRider has allowed me to now be the dominant lover and both my wife and I are enjoying our lovemaking, as we never had before. Previous to the IntimateRider I had only dreamed of performing as a lover in some of the positions we are now able to enjoy. It has enhanced our lovemaking and created an environment that we both look forward to often.