Good Sex Positions for Disabled Sex

couple on beach
Whether attempting quadriplegic sex or paraplegic sex, or having sex amidst chronic pain, there are ways lovers can attempt to make good sex positions even easier. Your strategy will come down to your needs. The following are amongst the most common issues – and resolutions – for disabled sex...


If you’re having problems straightening your legs, then lie on your back with your partner assuming the “on top” position. Your lover can then lean back onto your bent legs for a slightly different sexual position that may offer different sensations.


The person having issues with bowel or urinary functioning should be the partner on top. Side by side position is another way to avoid putting pressure on the bladder.

Unsupported Positioning:

Consider how you can use rolled up towels strategically, e.g., under one’s lower back, in better supporting each other in assuming position or holding a good sexual position. Pillows can also be used, helping those with hip problems, for example, to have sex when placed between the receiving partner’s legs during side-by-side position, where he or she is penetrated from behind or at a perpendicular angle. Well-placed mirrors can also help with this strategizing. Furniture around the house may also prove useful, like the use of a bed or chair as support for a sexual position involving kneeling on pillows. Sex furniture, like the Intimate Rider, or blocks can also be used in helping a lover to assume good sex positions.

Open Communication:

More than anything, it’s important that lovers communicate with one another. This involves speaking up about your concerns and needs, as well as being honest about what is and isn’t working. All couples need to work as a team in dealing any of the myriad of issues that can crop up in one’s sex career. Taking the time to sort through issues not only helps lovers to feel more successful in their sexual intimacy efforts, but helps them to feel more emotionally intimate as well.