Healthcare Professionals Learn About Intimate Mobility Product

November 2012, HealthPostures –Approximately 350 physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, physicians, case managers, home healthcare employees, and other healthcare professionals will attend the 8th annual Care Fair.  The Care Fair’s web site states that this event is “The Northwest's Premier Educational & Networking Event for Healthcare Professionals” that takes place in Seattle Washington on Tuesday November 13th and in Portland Oregon on Thursday November 15th. Care Medical and Rehabilitation sponsors the Care Fair event.  Care Medicals web site says “Care Fair is one of our ways of reaching out to our referral sources and educating them on latest products and technologies available to their patients.”  A variety of mobility products will be available in the exhibit area. Care Fair attendees will be able to learn more about mobility products like the IntimateRider at the expo.  The IntimateRider is a small gliding frame that will support the male partner and provide a natural swaying motion to increase sexual function and reduce fatigue during sexual activity.  This allows couples to discover an improved way to reinvigorate a healthy love life, bring a closer emotional bond and help enhance overall well-being. Show goers will also have the opportunity to attend an informative seminar titled SEX & DISABILITY - MOBILITY SOLUTIONS FOR A MORE FULFILLING SEX LIFE: This session will discuss physical issues that hamper sexual relationships for the physically challenged, the role of the healthcare professional in addressing these issues with their clients, and products currently available to help those with disabilities discover mobility solutions for a more fulfilling sex life.  There are so many myths about sex and disability and the Care Fair is a good way to share ideas about Intimate mobility products like the IntimateRider in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.