Healthy Sexual Assistance for Disabled Men and Women

Healthy Sexual Assistance for Disabled Men and Women

By Rhonda Campbell

Men and women interweave their sexual experiences into their personal identity. But, it's not only sexual experiences that help to create personal identity. Motion pictures, television shows, magazine articles and website content send messages that define the types of sexual experiences adults should have.   [caption id="attachment_1256" align="alignleft" width="300"] IntimatRider[/caption]

Sexual assistance and disability have reached constitutional levels

For people with physical or emotional disabilities, these messages point to sainthood and a total lack of sexual desire. It's as if, simply because a person's body is shaped differently than many other bodies, that instantly makes the person asexual. Yet, that belief is merely an illusion. Disabled men and women do have sexual desires. People with disabilities actually do fantasize about sex. The good news is that disabled men and women are raising their voices.

In 2014, the Committee for the Disabled Sexual Assistance, along with some Italian Parliament members, introduced a bill to the Italian senate that would legalize sexual assistance for disabled adults. In countries like France, there are people who provide sexual assistance for disabled men and women without reaching the point of sexual intercourse.

Stop shutting disabled men and women out of sexual expression

Aim of the sexual assistance is to help disabled adults express their sexuality in safe and healthy ways. For other disabled men and women, supportive equipment may be needed. IntimateRider has developed products that enhance sexual mobility for adults with limited physical movement. Sexual positioning products like the RiderMate Deluxe and the IntimateRider Liberator Adventure Set make it possible for adults with spinal injuries to deepen intimate connections that they have with their spouse or partner. In addition to supporting adults whose mobility is limited to a wheelchair, IntimateRider products open a world of healthy sexual possibility. The products do this by making it easier for couples to enjoy sexual expression and sexual communication from a variety of positions.

IntimateRider offering sexual assistance products for disabled men and women

These healthy sexual assistance products for disabled men and women are reliable, built to support adults of various heights and weights. The sexual assistance products are also rare. Unlike typical adult sexual products, these sexual assistance products for disabled men and women may not be found at respectable stores that are geared toward adult sexuality. The designer of IntimateRider products sells the sexual assistance products at select stores. IntimateRider products are also sold online. Free shipping comes with products that are shipped within the United States.

Videos are available for all customers and disabled people who are interested in exploring their sexual self for the first time or in a more rewarding or deeper way. Former military members who have returned home with a missing limb or a spinal injury can benefit from IntimateRider sexual assistance products as well. After all, the need to alter the way that they approach sex could crush a former military member's personal identity. On the flip side, a caring, understanding partner and the right sexual assistance products can help disabled men and women to step into their authentic sexual selves.