How Intimate Can We Be?

How intimate can we be? 

That is the question.  A Kinsey Institute study claims on average adult men and women in relationships have sex at least 1-2 times per week.  Some more and less than others but people are having sex none the less. 

What About Adults with Limited Mobility? 

This would mean that the question "How intimate can we be" would be asked on average between 52 and 104 times per year.  We all know that variety is a spice of life and finding new and improved methods can make an enjoyable moment even more enjoyable. This question becomes more pertinent when either partner lives with a physical condition that may get in the way of a enjoyable sexual experience.  With the IntimateRider the question changes from "Can we be intimate?" to "How can we be intimate?" 

It is a big difference to go from "I'm not sure if we can do this" to "Yeah, we can do this 15 different ways."  That is the difference the IntiatmeRider can make to your sex life.  Positions and movements that you thought were not even possible before are achievable with the use of the InitmateRider. Having the IntimateRider means that the women does not need to be "on top" every time now.  In fact she has the freedom to move to a few different positions while her male partner has the capabilities to thrust and move so that he can provide the motion in the ocean.  The IntiamteRider will provide support and assist in movement so most any sexual position can be enjoyed again. How Intimate can we be?  The answer is as much and as many ways as you want to be with the IntimateRider.