Intimacy is Very Important for a Strong Relationship

Intimacy is at the root of a strong relationship. This is because intimacy is a key component of healthy communication. However, intimacy doesn't always involve sexual intercourse. In fact, forms of intimacy include emotional, psychological, and physical. Understanding this makes it easier to know why spinal cord injury sex is possible.   Understanding spinal cord injury sex Yet, even couples who aren't dealing with spinal cord injury sex struggle to enjoy a healthy emotional, psychological, and physically intimate relationship. Fear of being vulnerable, not in control and at risk of being rejected or abandoned hamper all types of relationships. Plainly put, authentic communication self-love and trust are necessary to experience a healthy relationship.   If you have a spinal cord injury, you may also need a sex aid to enjoy the best relationship possible. Sex aid options include a positioning support strap, IntimateRider chair, seat cushion and RiderMate support cot.   Soon after a spinal cord injury, your body might undergo a range of changes. These changes vary for women and men. For example, Craig Hospital shares that included among the changes that women may experience are a temporary or permanent menstrual cycle stoppage and less vaginal lubrication during sexual intercourse. However, you can still get pregnant after suffering a spinal cord injury.   How a sex aid and positioning support strap help If you're a man who has experienced a spinal cord injury, Craig Hospital shares that although your body might change the way that it responds to sexual stimulation, you could still get an erection. Simply fantasizing or thinking about sex might not work. Instead, physical stimulation may cause an erection while simply having sexual thoughts may not.   A sex aid like a positioning support strap and an adjustable supportive cushioned chair and table can make it easier for you and your partner to enjoy physical intimacy while exploring different sexual positions. Communicating before, during and after sex can strengthen emotional and psychological intimacy, the other components of a healthy intimate relationship.   Engage in honest, open dialogue about what you expect from the relationship. This includes your psychological, emotional, sexual, financial and creative expectations. It's also important to discuss whether or not you want to have children.   Intimacy makes a strong relationship possible regardless of physical disabilities If you recently had a spinal cord injury, you might think that you are unable to have an orgasm, get pregnant or give birth. The good news is that each of these life experiences is possible even if you have a spinal cord injury. You and your partner can still enjoy life's greatest relationship experiences.   So, talk with your partner about your expectations. As the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation shares, it's also important to pay attention to your self-image. A healthy self-image can keep you from worrying about whether you can please your partner or stressing about whether or not your partner truly loves you. Yet, sexuality isn't the only factor that makes up your self-image.   How you measure you intelligence, communication skills, physical appearance and inner strength or resolve can also impact your self-image. Healthy, authentic communication is very important as it regards building and strengthening your self-image. Communication and trust can make it easier for you to ask your partner to help you undress, use a sex aid or get ready for sex using a positioning support strap. It's true. Communication and self-love can help you to find and experience the types of intimacy that are very important to a strong relationship.