Intimate Health

Be Open to New Solutions

There once was a time when the very idea of discussing ones personal matters was thought of as something that stayed within the bedroom walls of home.  The fact is that couples that need to deal with intimate health issues are not alone and it is when people become open to new ideas that they usually find solutions. 

The advent of the internet has really allowed couples to research their personal matters in a open way from the comforts of their own homes. What does intimate health mean to you?  Let's use running as and example.  Most everyone would agree that running is good exercise and that by doing so a person ultimately improves their physical health.  In order to improve ones physical health the runner needs to be sure he or she has the right equipment to have an successful run and that when a physical or emotional ailment gets in the way of a good run they are able to identify what the ailment is and find a solution to make "running" more enjoyable again. The same is true with intimate health. 

Understanding Your Needs, Helps Better Fulffill Your Needs

Most everyone would agree that intercourse is key to a healthy intimate relationship.  A couple needs to be aware of any physical or emotional ailments that may tend to get in the way of good sex and find solutions to make sex enjoyable again. 

Good intimate health consist of being able to identify any physical or emotional obstacles that may prevent a healthy sex life. Physical mobility issues like
can all  be managed by using the IntimateRider. Other physical obstacles like erectile dysfunction can be managed with the use of prescription medication like Viagra or Cialis.  The use of vacuum pumps or implants will also help in the ways of maintaining an erection.

Good intimate Health can be found by researching – News, views, and resources related to women’s personal health, men’s personal health and relationships.  You and your partner may enjoy researching sex toy reviews, and sex how to on-line.  

Have an Open Dialouge 

Learning about intimate health promotes open discussion, sexual health and well being. The key is to be completely open to what can make you sex life better and understand that you are not alone.  Many couples are finding that adding products like the IntimateRider to their intimate relations has been a great boost to their intimate health.