IntimateRider Expanding International Presence

International Advancement 

People all over the world are now discovering the IntimateRider's ability to enhance lovemaking for couples with mobility issues. We are pleased to announce the signing of 4 new international dealers in Brazil, France, Italy and Greece.


In Brazil we have Joao Antonio de O. Distrib. ME. Joao's company has been busy showing the IntimateRider at trade shows and getting the word out in Brazil about the many wonderful benefits of the IntimateRider. You can contact Joao at


Europe has seen a lot of growth with the addition of 3 new distributers. Our new distributor in France is Damien Letulle of Sportis SARL. Damien was a participent of the 1996 olympic games in Atlant as an archer. Sportis SARL has product on its way to them to be able to service the needs of individuals in Paris, Caen, Cherborg or anywhere in France. Damien can be contacted at or visit the website at


Italy also has a new dealer who is now stocking product. Danilo Ragona of Able SRL in Torino Italy can be contacted at


Nick Karagounis from Karagounis Bros. is working hard in Greece to get the IntimateRider word out. He has recently had a lot of success at a local mobility show and also has product on its way to better service customers in Greece.For more info contact Nick at or visit them on the web at

We are pleased to welcome all of these dealers into our IntimateRider family of dealerships and wish them all many years of success.