IntimateRider Healthy Physical and Emotional Sex Enhancer

Couples have been using a sex aid for generations, maybe longer than scientists and behavioral therapists are aware. In fact, Psychology Today reports that, "The popularity of adult toys has increased over the past decade." Heightened sexual arousal, better sexual positioning and improved physical and emotional intimacy are reasons why couples incorporate a sex aid into their relationship.

IntimateRider is a sex aid for disabled and non-disabled couples

A sex aid like the IntimateRider, seat cushion or RiderMate is also used so that older couples and adults with partial or complete paralysis can enjoy sexual intimacy. The RiderMate works great, especially when used with the IntimateRider a product that cradles the body of your body with comfort and warmth. Unlike other sex aid products, IntimateRider sexual positioning products are not intrusive, the very thing that has made some sexual enhancers less satisfactory. The sex aids also ship worldwide. Designed by a quadriplegic, IntimateRider products respect disabled love from psychological, emotional and physical standpoints. The sexual positioning support strap reduces lower back pressure while you are engaging in sex with your partner. It also helps to prevent your partner from feeling forced into uncomfortable positions. Because it's durable, the strap can be used with the RiderMate or another dependable sex aid. Couples in the United States and other countries can start enhancing their sexual relations using the IntimateRider and RiderMate products, as the sex aids ship worldwide.

Trust and communication are key to get the most from sex aid

Trust, open communication and sincere concern for one another is important to gain the most from all relationships, including disabled love. Keep in mind that disabled love may be shared between one or more adults with physical disabilities. After all, the right sex aid enhances an already rewarding and loving relationships. A sex aid cannot make couples with communication and trust issues fall in love. The aids can't keep a troubled relationship from disintegrating. On the other hand, sexual positioning aids are a natural part of healthy disabled love relationships. Just do your homework before choosing which aids to use. Unlike other products, sexual enhancers that don't come in pill form are generally not under the oversight of government regulations. Check to see if a sexual aid has chemicals in its covering. These chemicals might be perfectly harmless on the surface, but could become harmful if they enter the body. Make sure that the aid can easily hold your weight and/or your partner's weight. You can read reviews on sexual aids, particularly products that are sold at major retailers. Top products not only ship worldwide, they also ship in discreet packaging. For example, IntimateRider sexual positioning products and other sex aids can be transported in an IntimateRider travel bag. Compact, the IntimateRider travel bag easily fits in the under storage area of an airplane. The bag is also large enough to hold clothing, shoes and the RiderMate. However, the bag is small enough to fit inside the back seat or trunk of a car or truck. Resources: