IntimateRider Helps Injured U.S Veterans

Helping Where It Counts 

The IntimateRider has helped improve the sex lives of many couples the past few years.  These people come from all walks of life and every person has their own stories to tell about their injury or medical condition.  Some are young married couples where one or another has been newly injured and others have been living with a physical challenge for some time and decided that now is the time to try something new.

A Wide Reach 

It is extremely gratifying for us to know that the IntimateRider is helping some of America's bravest men and women get back to a fulfilling sex life after enduring a traumatic injury while fighting for our country over seas.  Many of the young injured men are married with families and are now in the process of re-discovering how to go about day to day life with a spinal cord injury.  This is not an easy task but there are so many good resources available now that allow veterans to find independent ways of living.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America is the only Congressionally chartered veterans organization dedicated solely to serving the needs of SCI/SCD veterans.  Paralyzed Veterans of America works to maximize the quality of life for its members and all people with SCI/D as a leading advocate for health care, SCI/D research and education, veterans’ benefits and rights, accessibility and the removal of architectural barriers, sports programs, and disability rights. 

The IntimateRider has been featured at PVA softball tournements and given away as prizes for fundraisers for this group. The IntimateRider is also available for order at VA SCI Units around the country as well.  We have been filling IntimateRider orders for veterans through the VA for over 3 years. Injured Vets now have a way to enjoy a great sex life once again with the IntimateRider.