IntimateRider Is The Only Type of Product to Naturally Enhance Sexual Mobility

Sex aid prescription drugs and supplements have advanced way beyond the fad stage. Like beauty products, the sex aid business is at serious levels. Viagra alone pulls in around $2 billion a year. Major retailers sell sexual enhancement products. This makes it easy to gain access to products that could add a needed spark to a relationship.

IntimateRider Natural Sex Aid With No Dangerous Side Effects

As with any prescription drug or supplement, these products may come with side effects. CBS News reports that side effects associated with sexual enhancement drugs and supplements include low blood pressure and problems interacting with nitrates. Headaches, digestive problems, body pain and vision difficulties are side effects that Healthline reports.   The problem with some sex aid drugs and supplements has to do with lack of government approved testing. Although the products may be marketed as being natural, that doesn't mean that they are. A natural label also doesn't mean that the products have been properly tested. Even more, some natural sex aid drugs have been reported to have ingredients like hydroxythiohomosildenafil, which is similar to an ingredient found in Viagra.

Truly Natural Sex Aid Products

Maybe the only one that requires no ingestion. IntimateRider specializes in these types of completely natural sexual positioning products. Paraplegics like Brian Chavez, a man who became a paraplegic after falling from a building for six stories, have relied on IntimateRider products to enhance their sexual experiences. These natural products improve sexual mobility and don't involve drugs or supplements. They can help to restore sexual confidence and keep a rewarding relationship advancing.

Truly Natural Liberator Wedge Sexual Positioning Aid Unique IntimateRider sexual positioning products include the Romance Set, the sexual positioning support strap and the original IntimateRider. The RiderMate and the Liberator wedge enhance sexual positioning further, making it easy for couples to enjoy many different positions and angles. The Liberator wedge is well padded.

Gone are the days of worrying that a partner is uncomfortable, allowing both partners to relax and enjoy sexual sensations from one to another. Another thing that couples who use the Liberator wedge don't have to worry about are dangerous drug side effects. To achieve a fully satisfying relationship, couples, including people returning from the military with physical disabilities, may seek additional support as they begin or continue to explore their sexual relationship.

This extra help can come from specialists who themselves have experienced spinal cord injuries or amputations. It is these specialists who may help couples to see the importance of building a healthy sexual relationship with their partner. After all, healthy relationships can help to ward off depression, loneliness and feelings of abandonment.  

Dr. Mitchell Tepper, spinal cord injury survivor and founder of the Sexual Health Network helps adults whose sex lives have changed due to conditions like a stroke, spinal cord injury, amputated limb or muscular sclerosis to understand the important role that healthy sex plays in recovery and overall life satisfaction.  Dr. Tepper's mission is to give people with disabilities a voice as it regards sexuality.

IntimateRider joins in this mission by developing sex aid products that are completely natural. These products help end the silence around sexuality for military veterans, disabled adults, people dealing with chronic illnesses and healthy adults engaged in wheelchair dating. These sexual mobility products are also free of potentially dangerous sexual enhancement drug side effects.