IntimateRider Provides Variation of Sexual Positioning Options for Men with Spinal Cord Injury

Sex should be exciting, safe and varied. It's a big reason why IntimateRider develops sex aids that make it possible for military veterans and other couples with a spinal cord injury to explore a myriad of sexual positioning options. The range of people these spinal cord injury sex aids can benefit is far reaching.

Disabled Love Is Not Just For Injured Military Vets

Military veterans are certainly not the only women and men seeking the right sexual aids that help to make spinal cord injury sex possible. Yet, it is a fact that more than 27,000 military veterans receive care from the Veteran's Administration, the type of care that may allow veterans to enjoy healthy spinal cord injury sex. The reach of this support may not be fully measurable, because happy couples have a positive impact on their children and extended families. More importantly, adults pursuing disabled love can help the thousands of new injury men and women see that they too can enjoy healthy romantic relationships, honest communication and intimacy. That real life demonstration affects many people.

In fact and although the numbers aren't all inclusive, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reports that about 337,000 Americans are dealing with a spinal cord injury. The 337,000 includes military veterans and civilians. Despite the numbers, if you don't understand the importance of sex in a healthy adult relationship, it could be easy to dismiss paraplegic sex. It could be easy to dismiss sexual positioning variations, options that keep intimate relationships vibrant and interesting.

SpinalCord Injury Sex Doesn't Have to Be Rigid

Face the fact that sex, including paraplegic sex and other forms of spinal cord injury sex, helps couples to bond, strengthen their affection for one another and trust and you could readily see why having sexual positioning options is important. Add to that the fact that Psychology Today reports that sex can also play a role in personal happiness.

Happier people may be more sexually active. It has already been discovered that sex causes the body to increase oxytocin. The amount of endorphins released by the brain also rise due to sex. There is no reason for couples engaged in paraplegic sex to miss out on these benefits. So, how do you bring more sexual positioning options to the spinal cord injury sex life?

Open your mind to the possibilities as a great start. That openness could send you on an adventurous shopping trip. You may learn how easy the IntimateRider sex chair and supportive liberator wedge are to use. With the IntimateRider sex chair, if you're the one with a spinal cord injury (SCI), you sit in the chair while your partner leans comfortably across the liberator wedge. The IntimateRider positioning strap support takes pressure off your back while you have spinal cord injury sex.

It's as simple as wrapping the positioning strap around your partner's hips. The strap is built to improve performance and increase momentum. The RiderMate Adventure Set and IntimateRider positioning support cot are comfortable and relaxing, with the Liberator Wedge offering maximum padding and comfort. This comfort could entice your partner and you to explore your sexual possibilities even further, whether your partner is resting on her back, stomach or side.