IntimateRider Seat Depth Specially Designed for Optimal Performance

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IntimateRider products prove that sex isn't only for certain types of people. Rehabilitation technology like temperature regulators, assistive products, touch screen communication devices and deep cushions are even making it possible for paraplegics and people undergoing SCI rehabilitation to gain mobility with the use of artificial limbs and equipment aids.

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Advanced Technology Offers Sex and Disability Support Sex and disability is an area that can work in conjunction with rehabilitation technology that aims to improve the work environment, home life and learning climates for those with spinal cord injuries. Adults with arm or leg amputations as well as adults who are wheelchair bound due to a stroke or another brain injury may benefit from arm or leg implants or chairs that offer greater mobility.

Pressure reducing wheelchair padding and wheelchair seat cushions not only offer improved mobility, they can make it less straining and uncomfortable to remain in a wheelchair for extended periods. Those benefits yield results whether you are at home, work, school or in a social setting like a restaurant or sporting event.

The IntimateRider cushioned sex swing chair offers its own set of unique benefits for couples where one or more people may require SCI rehabilitation. Just how does the sex swing chair work for couples who want to win at managing sex and disability? The partner with a spinal cord injury sits in the cushioned sex swing chair. The other partner leans across a comfortable cot. The patented technology encourages sexual positioning variety because it is designed so that a partner can enjoy sex while laying across the cot in various positions.  

During sex, the chair moves back and forth in a natural gliding motion. It's this gliding motion that helps you provide your lover with optimal performance. Both the IntimateRider cot and the sex swing chair sit firmly on the floor. All it takes to set the chair in motion are upper body movement. Depending on your partner and your physical condition, the two of you could exchange positions.

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Other ways to enjoy sex and disability are to add a sexual positioning strap to your sex life. The RiderMate Liberator Wedge works wonders when it comes to exploring different sexual positions. It's easy to use the Liberator Wedge with the cushioned deep seat sex swing chair. The wedge ramp has enough space for your partner and you to lay on the deep cushioned wedge side by side. Ease of use and comfort are so popular with the Liberator Wedge that couples not dealing with sex and disability are using wedge ramps. Ergonomic design of the Liberator Wedge supports a variety of sexual positions, including saddling, missionary and spooning.

It's this type of sexual diversity that can help SCI rehabilitation be less confining. After all, a rewarding and loving relationship that's spiced with healthy, exciting sex, is what millions of people are looking for. The right sex and disability rehabilitation technology could help you find just that.