Ladies Like the Plush RiderMate Deluxe

The IntimateRider already reinvents how you make love with your partner.

This will allow you  to get out of bed and discover new sexual experiences with your lover. 

Different landscapes incite new sensations and arouse the senses.  The IntimateRider certainly plays an important role when it comes to new sensation and arousal and as with passionate lovers, the IntimateRider needs a partner to effectivley incite sensations. 

The RiderMate Deluxe is especially designed to be used with the IntimateRider to add plush comfort  for women as they enjoy the sway of their partner on the IntimateRider. Women are finding comfortable support for many new and familar positions while using the Ridermate Deluxe wedge system. 

The soft fabric adds a sensual feeling to your skin while the firm support of the wedge base allows you to focus on your partners movements during your sexual escapades. Elegant, modern furniture sculpted from foam and encased in lush microfiber, are conceived in love and created for comfort.  Liberator Sex Furniture can set the scene for seduction while remaining discreet and not revealing its dual nature.  This modern foam furniture cradles your curves and will help recharge your sexual energy.